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This has probably put paid to the relaxed atmosphere that we all used to enjoy during Queen Beatrix’s walkabouts on Koninginnedag. And I don’t think there was anything "apparent", as the Guardian puts it, about Maxima’s look of horror. Damn, damn, … Continue reading

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Is Gay Marriage a Religious Issue?

I see that the Guardian is running a series of opinion pieces this week centred around the question: “Is gay marriage a religious issue?” So far, we’ve had four different people take four different stances. First, we had Candace Chellew-Hodge, … Continue reading

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The Merchants of Light

The Science Network has a series of videos up on the web that were made of the recent Origins Symposium held at Arizona State University earlier this month. Worth watching.

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The British Museum

I visited the British Museum last Sunday. It was the first time that I had seen the remodelled Courtyard. Very impressive. I took lots of shots, and here is the resulting Photosynth.   (tip: when viewing the Photosynth, switch to … Continue reading

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London Bound

I’m off to London for the weekend, hopefully to meet up with a couple of friends that I haven’t seen for many years. It’ll be my first visit to London in nearly five years. I expect that I will find … Continue reading

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Plus Ça Change…

Since the recent success of the writings of the Four Horsemen, there’s been something of a backlash from people such as Our Maddy of the Sorrows and (surprisingly) Julian Baggini who claim that atheists are becoming, well, too noisy.   … Continue reading

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Decision Making and the Brain

Nice video showing some of the work going on in neuroscience to research our decision-making processes.       Note for John: video opens with man taking a brain out of a bucket…

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Stage Magic and Neuroscience

Stage magic relies a lot on the fact that human perception is not foolproof. Here’s a great article from Wired on the subject, and if you want to really go into depth, here’s a peer-reviewed paper from Nature on the … Continue reading

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Suffer Little Children

Here’s the story of Nate Phelps, growing up as the son of Fred Phelps in the Westboro Baptist Church. Do go and read it, and then take a deep breath afterwards. 

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The Church of Body Modification

I never cease to be amazed at my species. And eternally grateful that I do not share in the majority of my fellow humans’ beliefs.   (hat tip to Pharyngula)

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Squirrel Nutkin

One of the things I like about my daily walk in the woods is the chance of observing some indigenous wildlife. Yesterday, for example, I managed to photograph a Red Squirrel going about its business. Usually by the time I’ve … Continue reading

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R.I.P., Jim

Sad news, J.G. Ballard has died.

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It’s A Cultural Thing…

NonStampCollector imagines how the meeting between God and his angels went when they discussed the Jesus project… Brilliant.       I must admit, I didn’t realise that God and his angels were Australian. Well, you live and learn, don’t … Continue reading

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Category Error

There’s an old saying in Computer Science: Garbage In, Garbage Out.   Amazon has just provided me with a perfect example. Because I’d bought a book on cosmology, I received an email recommendation from Amazon today:   As someone who has … Continue reading

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The British Bobby

The policing at the G20 in London seems to mark a sea-change in their methods and tactics for the worst. It’s worth reading the pieces by Rachel and John in order to understand how much things seem to have changed … Continue reading

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Spring Awakening

Spring has well and truly arrived around here. It’s a nice time of the year. View Full Album

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Why Do Queers Leave Religion?

That’s the question asked by Greta Christina. It’s a good one. And while I’m sure that many of us were driven out by the abuse or hate or violation of our trust, it’s often very much simpler than that. As … Continue reading

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For The Want Of A Nail…

…a kingdom was lost. While I don’t think that Amazon staff realised what the implications were, the change that they made to their site’s DNA has had a very large impact on some of us. Bad Amazon, naughty Amazon…

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Eavesdropping On Bacteria

Here’s Bonnie Bassler at TED outlining one of the most mind-blowing concepts that I’ve recently come across: bacteria communicate with each other.       The implications, it seems to me, are quite staggering in all sorts of potential arenas.

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Unlucky Klaus

A completely serious health and safety video for forklift drivers. I think.       (hat tip to the Lay Scientist)

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