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My Precious…

Lawrence Krauss, articulating both the wonder and the insignificance of humanity. I agree. No gods required.

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“It’s Smaller On The Outside”

I loved the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Just typical of Steven Moffat’s writing that he inverts the time-worn trope of “It’s bigger on the inside” by having Clara Oswin Oswald exclaim the mirror opposite – which elicits a glance from … Continue reading

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A Small Demonstration

I admit that I am getting fed up with two things. The constant drip-drip of people complaining about Windows 8, and how it is a disaster of epic proportions. Microsoft’s seeming inability to market Windows 8 as something that really … Continue reading

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Stop The World, I Want To Get Off

There is much to admire about the march of technology, but it has its dark side as well – a rate of obsolescence that takes my breath away. A case in point. I thought that I would upgrade our Home … Continue reading

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I Beg Your Pardon?

I apologise about returning to the subject of same-sex marriage so soon, but I came across an example of an argument against same-sex marriage today that is just so, well, bizarre. It is contained in an opinion piece in the … Continue reading

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Marie Antoinette and the Anglican Church

I confess to a fondness for schadenfreude. Never more so when an organisation, which expects power and recognition in the society in which it exists, resolutely opens its mouth only to change feet. And so it is with the Anglican … Continue reading

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On Being A Grammar Pedant

Few things are guaranteed to irritate me more than bad grammar. Yes, I know that my reaction is out of all proportion to the sin, but it is the way that I was brought up. For example, yesterday I made … Continue reading

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RIP Patrick

So Sir Patrick Moore has died – at the age of 89. I can’t say I’m surprised, he has not looked at all well in his recent Sky at Night programmes, but it is still sad news. I grew up … Continue reading

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World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS day. Wear your red ribbon, or better still, give a donation to an AIDS charity. It’s also a day to remember some lost friends: Kerry, Lance, Eric, Humphrey, Peter, John, Kingsley, Graham, and Neil. I’m sorry … Continue reading

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