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Hitchens and Paxman

Last night, BBC Two had a terrific interview of Christopher Hitchens conducted by Jeremy Paxman. It was a joy to listen to Hitchens laying out his ideas and thoughts on his life and politics. What was not a joy was … Continue reading

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The Wine Cellar

A rather clever illusion. Simple, but the timing has to be just right… (hat tip to anaglyph on Richard Wiseman’s blog)

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An Ethical Dilemma

Foie Gras – simply delicious and simply cruel in its method of production. An article in today’s Guardian puts both sides of the argument well: Foie gras is objectively, indisputably cruel. What a tragedy, then, that it should be so … Continue reading

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Open Mouth, Change Feet

There seems to be something in the water at the campus at Redmond. That must be the reason why I cannot fathom some of the decisions being made in Microsoft at the moment. The latest is today’s announcement from the … Continue reading

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Price and Value

I read in today’s Guardian that there was an auction today of Alan Turing’s papers. While I was pleased to see that Google had donated $100,000 to the bid of Bletchley Park to keep the papers for the nation, I … Continue reading

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Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 – A Status Report

In view of the issues I’ve been having with WLPG 2011, I thought that it would be worthwhile to report that Microsoft are listening to those of us who are reporting tales of woe caused by using WLPG 2011. I’ve … Continue reading

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Passing The Exam

I was somewhat nervous this morning. Today was the day that Watson and I were taking an exam to see whether he was a well-behaved dog. We’ve taken a number of courses together, beginning with a puppy course a year … Continue reading

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What Lies Beneath

As you may be aware, I’m not very happy with the current version of Windows Live Photo Gallery at the moment. I believe strongly that it has problems that desperately need to be fixed. There are other, less pressing, issues … Continue reading

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Metadata Myths or Misconceptions

David Riecks, over at the Controlled Vocabulary web site has put together a list of the top twelve myths of embedded photo metadata. Well worth checking out if you’re a keen photographer interested in learning more about just what else … Continue reading

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“Treating People Like Pigeons Really Does Work”

Adam Curtis has another fascinating blog entry. This time he takes as his cue the Behavioural Insights Unit recently set up by David Cameron to advise the UK Government. Curtis argues that this unit is built on the Operant Conditioning … Continue reading

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A Taxonomy of European Birds

Looking through my photo collection, I see that I have taken over 1,300 photos that have a bird or birds as the subject. Up until now, I’ve catalogued these in a rather haphazard fashion, that’s to say that as I’ve … Continue reading

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The Alternative Masterchef Final

I rather like watching the Masterchef programmes on the BBC. The series for professional chefs has just ended. I rather like this spoof version of the finale: Hat tip to Andy Hayler for the link.

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“The Story of Us, Then”

BBC Two is currently running a series of programmes on History. Last night kicked off with the first episode of a series called Ancient Worlds, fronted by historian and archaeologist Richard Miles. I thought it was very good. Here’s a … Continue reading

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The Answer Is No

There’s an article in today’s Observer that asks: Has Strictly made a national treasure of Ann Widdecombe? For those of you unfamiliar with both British politics and the BBC TV entertainment show Strictly Come Dancing, I should perhaps point out … Continue reading

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More Problems With Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011

Yes, I know that I’ve said before that Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 is a disaster, but more problems caused by using it just keep crawling out of the woodwork. The first problem I stumbled across was that if you … Continue reading

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