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Hitchens and Paxman

Last night, BBC Two had a terrific interview of Christopher Hitchens conducted by Jeremy Paxman. It was a joy to listen to Hitchens laying out his ideas and thoughts on his life and politics. What was not a joy was … Continue reading

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The Wine Cellar

A rather clever illusion. Simple, but the timing has to be just right… (hat tip to anaglyph on Richard Wiseman’s blog)

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An Ethical Dilemma

Foie Gras – simply delicious and simply cruel in its method of production. An article in today’s Guardian puts both sides of the argument well: Foie gras is objectively, indisputably cruel. What a tragedy, then, that it should be so … Continue reading

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Open Mouth, Change Feet

There seems to be something in the water at the campus at Redmond. That must be the reason why I cannot fathom some of the decisions being made in Microsoft at the moment. The latest is today’s announcement from the … Continue reading

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Price and Value

I read in today’s Guardian that there was an auction today of Alan Turing’s papers. While I was pleased to see that Google had donated $100,000 to the bid of Bletchley Park to keep the papers for the nation, I … Continue reading

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Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 – A Status Report

In view of the issues I’ve been having with WLPG 2011, I thought that it would be worthwhile to report that Microsoft are listening to those of us who are reporting tales of woe caused by using WLPG 2011. I’ve … Continue reading

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Passing The Exam

I was somewhat nervous this morning. Today was the day that Watson and I were taking an exam to see whether he was a well-behaved dog. We’ve taken a number of courses together, beginning with a puppy course a year … Continue reading

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