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False Positive?

I received an SMS message from my bank this morning telling me that my bank pass had been blocked because it had been skimmed. This I find very strange, because I have only used it twice in the last ten … Continue reading

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Blogging on the Surface

Pardon the pun in the title, but I was reading a blog post by Barb Bowman, and I wanted to comment on it. Since her blog is closed for comments, I thought I’d make them here. You see, Barb has … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Surface RT Reviewed

Reviews of Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet are now springing up like mushrooms in the tech and mainstream media. As was the case for reviews of the Windows 8 operating system, most of them can be quickly dismissed. However, two are … Continue reading

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Dissecting Windows

As we rush towards the release of Windows 8 later this week, the number of articles in the tech (and mainstream) press on Windows 8 is increasing. Most of them are instantly forgettable, but in amongst the pap and dross … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Surface Drops a Veil

With just over a week to go to the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft has revealed the pricing on the first in its range of tablets, the Surface RT. The price starts at $499 for a bare-bones Surface RT tablet … Continue reading

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Carey Invokes Godwin’s Law

I admit, when I first read of Lord Carey’s performance at the Coalition for Marriage rally at the recent Conservative Party Conference in the UK, I rolled my eyes, sighed deeply, and thought I should just ignore it. While it … Continue reading

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Max Hastings on Boris Johnson

There was an odd article in yesterday’s Guardian. It was by Max Hastings writing on the reasons why Boris Johnson is unfit to be the UK’s next Prime Minister. I didn’t disagree with a single word of Hasting’s argument. What … Continue reading

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Forget Burglars, Shoot a Banker…

That’s Craig Murray’s modest proposal. Truth to tell, looking at the behaviour of the banking industry over the past few years, it has a certain ring to it…

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The Book Mountain

After that last post, I needed something to give me hope. Perhaps the news of the opening of the Book Mountain and Library quarter in Spijkenisse, here in the Netherlands, is something to restore my spirits.

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Religion Poisons Everything

That quote, from the late Christopher Hitchens, seems apposite in the wake of the news that a 14 year-old girl has been shot in the head because, according to the Taliban spokesman (it is always, of course, a spokesman), her … Continue reading

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We’ve been fans of the dance company “Pilobolus” for more years than I care to remember. In recent years, they’ve begun to use techniques of shadow puppetry in their dances. Judging from this, they’ve got it down to a very … Continue reading

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This Land is Mine

I’m currently reading (very slowly) Steven Pinker’s magisterial The Better Angels of Our Nature. It’s a history of violence in human societies, and his thesis is that violence has actually declined over the centuries. It seems difficult to believe, but … Continue reading

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