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My Head Hurts

The saga of trying to get Microsoft’s Customer Support to fix an issue with Martin’s Microsoft Account rolls on. It’s been over three weeks now, and it still hasn’t got sorted. It’s not helped by the fact that the “Advocacy … Continue reading

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Out With A Bang

The third series of Sherlock closed with a thundering good episode last night. Lucy Mangan’s review says it much better than I ever could, so go and read that. I’ll wait until you get back. The cliffhanger this time around … Continue reading

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A Camera With A Phone Attached

I dabble in photography, but I’d hesitate to call myself a photographer. Nevertheless, I invested in a Canon EOS 300D back in 2005, and replaced it with a Canon EOS 450D in 2008. Along with the cameras came investment in … Continue reading

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Head, Meet Brick Wall…

Customer Support, the phrase that all too often seems to take on oxymoronic overtones. Once again, I’m currently battling Microsoft’s Customer Support services in an attempt to fix an issue on Martin’s Windows Phone. I’ve recently invested in a Nokia … Continue reading

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So That’s How He Did It – Maybe…

Sherlock returned to the TV screen last night with an episode containing the solution as to how he faked his own death at the end of the last series. Well, to be more accurate, the episode contained at least three possible … Continue reading

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