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A New Arrival

Our dog, Kai, will be seven years old next March. Labradors have a life expectancy of between ten and twelve years. We thought it might be a good idea, before he gets too old, to have a companion for his … Continue reading

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Please Make It Stop…

Charlie Brooker has another cracking column in today’s Guardian, this time commenting on the eternal Apple versus Microsoft versus Apple evangelism. He draws our attention to what must be the worst video ever commissioned by Microsoft’s marketing machine. As one of the … Continue reading

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Sagan Sings

This brought a smile to my face.       (hat tip to Phil Plait)

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Alf Garnett in a Tiara

I think that’s a pretty good summary of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.

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The Only True Liberal Position

I see that Tariq Ramadan has been giving us the benefit of his opinions again: My position on homosexuality is quite clear…Islam, as Christianity, as Judaism, as even the Dalai Lama…[are] not accepting of homosexuality, saying that this is forbidden … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Real Midwich Cuckoos

Jenni Russell has an eye-opening article in The Guardian about the erosion of adults’ powers to deal with children. The example she gives of a school dinner lady, Carol Hill, being sacked as a result is appalling. If it is … Continue reading

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De Witte Wand

I made a new photosynth of the front of the farmhouse and garden yesterday. You can see it here.

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