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A New Arrival

Our dog, Kai, will be seven years old next March. Labradors have a life expectancy of between ten and twelve years. We thought it might be a good idea, before he gets too old, to have a companion for his … Continue reading

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Please Make It Stop…

Charlie Brooker has another cracking column in today’s Guardian, this time commenting on the eternal Apple versus Microsoft versus Apple evangelism. He draws our attention to what must be the worst video ever commissioned by Microsoft’s marketing machine. As one of the … Continue reading

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Sagan Sings

This brought a smile to my face.       (hat tip to Phil Plait)

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Alf Garnett in a Tiara

I think that’s a pretty good summary of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.

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The Only True Liberal Position

I see that Tariq Ramadan has been giving us the benefit of his opinions again: My position on homosexuality is quite clear…Islam, as Christianity, as Judaism, as even the Dalai Lama…[are] not accepting of homosexuality, saying that this is forbidden … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Real Midwich Cuckoos

Jenni Russell has an eye-opening article in The Guardian about the erosion of adults’ powers to deal with children. The example she gives of a school dinner lady, Carol Hill, being sacked as a result is appalling. If it is … Continue reading

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De Witte Wand

I made a new photosynth of the front of the farmhouse and garden yesterday. You can see it here.

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Varsseveld Hippisch Festijn

Last weekend was the annual horse festival held around here: the Varsseveld Hippisch Festijn. It’s a three-day event, but this year, I only had time for going along to view a couple of hours of the cross-country event on Sunday … Continue reading

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Religious Discrimination?

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about this. The thought that there could be 500,000 equally credulous souls walking around gives one pause. I am, however, reassured to learn that Tesco has stated that "Jedis are very welcome to … Continue reading

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A New Definition of the Word “Safer”

Jerry Coyne, over at Evolution is True, shares a heartwarming tale of a botfly larva that took up residence in a woman’s head (complete with video). She had it removed, but he says that it is much safer to let … Continue reading

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The Art Of Penguin Science Fiction

The Art Of Penguin Science Fiction is a terrific web site compiled by James Pardey. The opening page is a collage of a selection of the covers of science fiction books published by Penguin over the years. The web site … Continue reading

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Preparing A Homeopathic Remedy

Crispian Jago demonstrates how to prepare a homeopathic remedy by, literally, taking the piss out of it. Case proved, I would say.

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Dirtying The Reputation Of Islam

Another depressing report in today’s Observer on how Islamists are targeting, attacking, and in some cases, killing Iraqi gays. They seek out their victims via gay chatrooms on the Internet. In the words of one of the attackers, Abu Hamizi: "It … Continue reading

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Predicting the Prediction

While I said that I hadn’t a clue as to how Derren Brown pulled off his "predicting the Lottery" stunt the other day, I’m coming round to the view that it relied on some sort of split screen illusion; like … Continue reading

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Turing Gets His Apology

Well, I must admit that, when I wrote about the petition for an official apology, I thought that the chances of success were small, but Gordon Brown has indeed apologised, on behalf of the UK government, to Alan Turing for inhumane … Continue reading

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Predicting The Lottery

Derren Brown pulled off a good stunt last night when he apparently predicted all six numbers of the UK Lottery draw. Of course, it’s a trick – he didn’t reveal the winning numbers until after the numbers had been drawn … Continue reading

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Just Another Day At The Office

Over at Obscene Desserts, John has posted a link to a video from NASA that shows the crew of the Space Shuttle going about their work. It is simultaneously both humdrum boring home movie and totally amazing. Watch it and … Continue reading

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One Small Step For A Man

But alas, no sign yet of a giant leap for Mankind. The good news is that Sayed Pervez Kambaksh is free and has been smuggled out of Afghanistan. The bad news is that he is unlikely to ever see the … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Adobe?

I’ll be honest: I’ve never felt comfortable using Adobe software. Too many of their products strike me as being poorly designed and/or buggy. For example, I stopped using PhotoShop Elements after later versions got even worse than earlier versions, which … Continue reading

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Another New Arrival

While taking the dog out for a walk today, I noticed that another one of Herman’s cows had just given birth to a calf. What I found interesting was the way the other cows gathered round to stand guard while … Continue reading

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