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What I’m Thinking About

It amazes me that the US has people like this, yet they still manage to pick Trump for President…

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Swirling in a Human Cesspit

Sir Cyril James Anderton, when he was the chief constable of Greater Manchester, came up with the supremely irritating statement in 1986 that homosexuals, drug addicts and prostitutes who had HIV/AIDS were “swirling in a human cesspit of their own … Continue reading

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The Happy Prince

Just watched “The Happy Prince” – a film about Oscar Wilde; written by, directed by, and starring Rupert Everett as Oscar. Simply magnificent.

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Merry Christmas

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An Afternoon Concert

Yesterday I went to an afternoon concert in which Lucas Jussen played Saint-Saëns 5th Piano Concerto with Het Gelders Orkest. I enjoyed it very much. Also on the program were the orchestral suites of Daphnis et Chloé, but what was … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Wish For…

Boris Johnson’s throwaway remark that “Brexit means Brexit and we are going to make a Titanic success of it.” proves a hostage to Fortune. It’s really not going to end well, I’m afraid.

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Jaron Lanier and Social Media

An interview of Jaron Lanier, and why he thinks that Facebook and its ilk are bad for us both as individuals and as society. He’s absolutely right, of course, but the damage has probably already been done. The one false … Continue reading

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You Gotta Believe

Nina Paley has been working on Seder-Masochism, the follow-up to her wonderful Sita Sings The Blues, for a while now. Here’s a snippet, visuals courtesy Nina, song courtesy The Pointer Sisters. Fabulous (in all meanings of the word)!

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Aibo – Mark II

I see that Sony have just announced a new version of Aibo, the robot dog. I must admit I was rather taken with the first version of Aibo and half-seriously thought about getting one until Sony pulled the plug in … Continue reading

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The Crawick Multiverse

Just back from a week in Scotland, visiting family living in Kirkcudbright. During the week, my brother took me to the Crawick Multiverse, a landscape work of art created by Charles Jencks. It’s stone circles for the 21st century, because … Continue reading

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Media in the Home – The State of Play, part 3

This weekend has seen a major upgrade in our HiFi system. I’ve replaced both the QUAD 44 preamplifier and the QUAD 405 power amplifier. Bought back in 1981, they’ve both given sterling service, but ever since I had our QUAD … Continue reading

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Testing, Testing…

Testing Roon’s Share feature. Please ignore this post…

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The Yoga 910 – A Review

Introduction Lenovo has a range of consumer-oriented computers named IdeaPad. The range has a number of different series within it, each designed for a different purpose or user group. The Yoga series is a line of tablets and laptops. The … Continue reading

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Pause For Reflection

2016 has certainly had some very low points: Brexit, Trump, terrorist attacks in the Bataclan, Nice and Berlin, the ongoing horror that is Syria, the assassination of Jo Cox, and the loss of the talents of Bowie, Alan Rickman and … Continue reading

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Why I Loathe and Detest Facebook

Alas, I have to have a Facebook account because of my community work. And you can be damn sure that even though the community groups are “closed” and “members only”, that Facebook knows absolutely everything that is going on inside … Continue reading

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The Superhumans

Excellently done! Although, for most of this, I’ll be the one saying no, I can’t… Sigh.

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A Marriage Proposal

With all the doom and gloom around as a result of Brexit; this cheered me up a bit. How things have changed since the days I went on Gay Pride marches in London. Back in those days (the 1970s), the … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas To All

We hope you and yours have a happy and peaceful time. The photo is of our garden in January 2009. In these days of climate change, I wonder whether we’ll see its like again…

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Regular readers of this blog will know that I’ve been looking at the specifications of the Lenovo ThinkPad 10 (the TP10) and the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (the SP3) tablets, and trying to decide which of them is the best … Continue reading

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For the Want of a Nail…

Last Tuesday, Microsoft announced the latest device in their Surface range: the Surface Pro 3. Everyone expected that Microsoft would be announcing a different, smaller, model – the so-called Surface Mini, but somewhere between announcing the launch event, and the … Continue reading

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