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Ladybird Books on Computers

Ooooh! I remember Ladybird books! they were wonderful – in a bizarre sort of way. Now someone has scanned two versions of the Ladybird book of Computers and put them on the web to delight all lovers of serious camp … Continue reading

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How to Fold a T-Shirt

I saw this video about a year ago on the Internet, but reading this article in The Guardian this week reminds me to try this way to fold a T-Shirt… I think this belongs under the "Performing Arts" category – … Continue reading

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Another Reason To Celebrate Today

The Spanish parliament has voted in favour of allowing gay couples to marry and adopt children. When the law comes into effect in a month’s time, Spain will become the third European country after the Netherlands and Belgium to legalise same-sex … Continue reading

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Another Anniversary

One Hundred years ago today, Albert Einstein published "On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies" ("Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter Körper") – the third of four articles published in 1905 that together comprise the Annus Mirabilis Papers. This article laid the foundation of … Continue reading

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One of the great things about the Internet is just how much reference data is being put on line these days. Organisations such as the OECD, the UN, governments, industry bodies – the list goes on and on.   The … Continue reading

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First Anniversary

I see, with a shock of surprise, that today marks the first anniversary of my retirement. The year has dashed past so quickly. And I thought that I would have all the time in the world to do all the … Continue reading

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Death, Where Is Thy Sting?

Now this is pretty scary research. I can understand the possible application, but it’s also hardly surprising that it’s drawn reactions from animal rights groups.   And going to the news story, I see that plans to test this on … Continue reading

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Elsevier and the Arms Trade

Up until today, when I thought of Elsevier, I associated the name with books, in particular scientific journals and publications. However, Tom Stafford points out that the Reed-Elsevier Group also includes Spearhead Exhibitions Ltd. Amongst the variety of exhibitions that it is responsible … Continue reading

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I am a Statistic

MIT are running a survey of weblogging at the moment. I went and filled out their survey…  

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Charles Clarke: Newspeak Supremo

I see the UK government had less than a stunning success in the debate in the Commons over ID cards last night. Although they won the debate to continue with the proposals, their majority was halved.   But the highlight … Continue reading

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Oh Dearie Me…

Truck balls.   The driver who a) has a truck this size and b) invests in a set of these is clearly beyond the pale. Equivalent to carrying a large sign saying "I am a stupid prick".   Avoid at … Continue reading

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Happy Coincidences

Data Point 1: This week marks the 36th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York – generally considered as a spark for the gay rights movement that gathered pace in the 1970s, both in the US and elsewhere.   … Continue reading

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Freedom From Torture – Bush’s Empty Rhetoric

Data point 1: President Bush says freedom from torture is "an inalienable human right."   Data point 2: An FBI agent report on the conditions in Guatanamo Bay prison quoted by Senator Durbin in the US Senate: "On a couple … Continue reading

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UK Proposal For ID Cards

Great fun in the UK at the moment over the government’s attempts to introduce ID cards. Particularly with the LSE (London School of Economics) having published a report that warns on the first page: "There was an overwhelming view expressed … Continue reading

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What Is It About North America?

Following on from the recent survey of Americans that demonstrated the triumph of Faith over Reason, we now appear to have a similar phenomenon emerging in Canada. A recent survey reveals that 32% of Canadians who have read the Da … Continue reading

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A New Interface For Calculators

New Scientist this week has a story about a novel interface for calculators. The demonstration movie is particularly striking. I assume that it will work out-of-the-box on Tablet PCs. I think that indeed this interface is more "natural" for those of … Continue reading

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Myst V On The Way

I’ve never understood the attraction of "shoot-em-up" games such as Doom or Halo. I much prefer the more cerebral attractions of puzzle-solving games. And the one that really caught my attention when it first came on the scene in 1993 … Continue reading

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Weight Watcher’s Recipe Cards

Mining the same vein as the Gallery of Regrettable Food is Wendy McClure’s site devoted to her collection of Weight Watcher’s Recipe Cards. They are said to date from 1974, but I suspect, like apparently much of the food illustrated … Continue reading

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The Time Machine

Well, the hubby’s away tonight, so I thought I would again indulge in a film on the trusty DVD player. This time, my choice was The Time Machine. No, not the George Pal version from 1960, but the version from … Continue reading

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Conscious Torment

Ophelia, over at the ButterfliesAndWheels blog, confesses that she doesn’t understand why people willingly sign up to elements contained in the statement of faith published by Patrick Henry College, a Christian university in the US. It’s probably because they don’t … Continue reading

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