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Dance or Die

A documentary about Ahmad Joudeh. Watch it

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You Are the Product

That’s the title of an article about Facebook by John Lanchester. Published back in August 2017, it is eerily prescient about the shit that has now hit Facebook’s fan. It’s a long article, but definitely worth a read. As Lanchester … Continue reading

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Pulling the Plug (again)

I noticed this when I was reading the Guardian website today: I’ll bet it was triggered by some algorithm that knows I am Manx. I suspect it’s high time that I deleted my Facebook account (again). And to be … Continue reading

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From Wet String to Glass

If you’ve been following the saga of trying to get broadband internet here, you’ll know that last November a campaign started to persuade householders in our area to sign up for a new fibre optic network. We needed a minimum … Continue reading

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