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A Horse Named Courage

Liz (of Granny Gets A Vibrator fame) tells us that we should live each day to the full. Quite right, too. 

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The Joys of Parenting

Jon Ronson on bringing up his boy. I hail from a time when one didn’t have conversations like that with one’s parents, but I still ended up knowing the words somehow. 

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The Drowned World

Geoff Manaugh, over at BLDGBLOG, adds his thoughts on an article in the New Scientist about the effects of rising sea levels. I note that the article also has a map showing the possible outline of the Benelux countries 100 … Continue reading

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The BBC seems to have hit its stride again with some excellent science documentaries. After the appalling decline of Horizon, once the flagship of BBC science documentaries into dumbed-down crap produced by meeja-studies graduates, it comes as something of a … Continue reading

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Talking of Birds…

Here’s a snippet from Dawn Chorus by Marcus Coates… 

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Feeding Time

A couple of days ago I spotted a pair of young barn swallows perched on the pergola. Their parents were still feeding them. I suspect that it’s high time they learned to fend for themselves…            

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You Couldn’t Make It Up…

Sorry, I feel a Victor Meldrew coming on over this tale-of-political-correctness-gone-horribly-wrong from Chris Applegate over at Durham City Council clearly has more wankers in it than you can shake a stick at. Tracy Ingle, the council official in question, is … Continue reading

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It’s All Our Fault

Following on from Professor Somerville’s concern over same-sex marriage, I think her rationale has about the same intellectual respectability as this piece from Oded Gross: It’s All Because. The difference is that Oded’s tongue is firmly in his cheek, and he … Continue reading

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Other Ways Of Knowing

Sean Prophet, over at the Black Sun Journal, blows apart an opinion piece by Margaret Somerville on "other ways of knowing" Worth reading.    I notice, from Somerville’s Wikipedia entry, that she’s also an opponent of same-sex marriage. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Hammering the Radio

Mo, over at Neurophilosophy, tells the history of the rise and fall of prefrontal lobotomy. Scary, scary stuff. 

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It Wasn’t The Rib

PZ Myers, over at Pharyngula, draws attention to a startling thought: it wasn’t a rib that God took from Adam to make Eve, but a bone from lower down in the body – the baculum. It’s perfectly true that, unlike … Continue reading

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Badges of Honour

I see that the Girl Guide organisation is thinking about introducing courses for some new badges. Apparently, it’s going to introduce sessions on how to practise safe sex, manage debt, and reduce the size of one’s carbon footprint. They’re probably more … Continue reading

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The Inner Life of the Cell

I’ve mentioned this visualisation of the processes that go on inside each and every one of our cells before. It was made for the biology courses at Havard University. The version that I originally came across was this edited version with … Continue reading

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What Is a Cause of Misanthropy?

A strong case is made by J. Carter Wood, over at Obscene Desserts, that a major factor is the phenomenon known as Oprah. I cannot disagree. 

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A Little Bit of Good News

The Tripoli Six are freed. 

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Her entrance is enough to bring tears to the eyes, but there’s more! Camp and tacky as hell, but strangely wonderful…    (hat tip to Lyn David Thomas over in the haunted wing that is Usenet for the link)    

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I’ve mentioned the forthcoming computer game called Spore before. It’s still not available (unfortunately) having been delayed to next year. However, here, to whet your appetite, is Will Wright, the game’s creator, demonstrating Spore at this year’s TED conference. 

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To Be Dishonest Is To Be Human

Here’s a fascinating article by Simon Baron-Cohen on the human characteristic of dishonesty, and the fact that the only people incapable of being dishonest are autistic. By the way, I don’t mean to imply from my somewhat tongue-in-cheek title that I … Continue reading

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Sunset At Peel Castle

This stunning photo makes me quite jealous. My snaps never seem to reach such dizzying heights. Ah well. 

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Justin Feels Sick…

…And I find it perfectly understandable. The meaning of the word education has clearly been redefined beyond anything that I could recognise and still have hope for the future. 

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