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A Horse Named Courage

Liz (of Granny Gets A Vibrator fame) tells us that we should live each day to the full. Quite right, too. 

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The Joys of Parenting

Jon Ronson on bringing up his boy. I hail from a time when one didn’t have conversations like that with one’s parents, but I still ended up knowing the words somehow. 

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The Drowned World

Geoff Manaugh, over at BLDGBLOG, adds his thoughts on an article in the New Scientist about the effects of rising sea levels. I note that the article also has a map showing the possible outline of the Benelux countries 100 … Continue reading

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The BBC seems to have hit its stride again with some excellent science documentaries. After the appalling decline of Horizon, once the flagship of BBC science documentaries into dumbed-down crap produced by meeja-studies graduates, it comes as something of a … Continue reading

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Talking of Birds…

Here’s a snippet from Dawn Chorus by Marcus Coates… 

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Feeding Time

A couple of days ago I spotted a pair of young barn swallows perched on the pergola. Their parents were still feeding them. I suspect that it’s high time they learned to fend for themselves…            

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You Couldn’t Make It Up…

Sorry, I feel a Victor Meldrew coming on over this tale-of-political-correctness-gone-horribly-wrong from Chris Applegate over at Durham City Council clearly has more wankers in it than you can shake a stick at. Tracy Ingle, the council official in question, is … Continue reading

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