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A Close Shave

On the other side of the lane that runs past our property is a narrow verge and a ditch. Every year in Spring, the verge erupts with nettles. And every year, I do battle with the brush-cutter to try and … Continue reading

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Facets of Delius

I was first introduced to the music of Frederick Delius back in 1968 via Ken Russell’s brilliant biographical film portrait: Song of Summer. The film dealt with Delius’s last six years of life, when he was a cantankerous old man; … Continue reading

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A Prelate’s Pork Pies

I drew your attention to John Sentamu’s piece on why he does not support same-sex marriage a few days ago. One thing I missed in that farrago is that His Grace was being economical with the truth. He stated that … Continue reading

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Origami Computing

As you may be aware, I’ve been following the development of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system with some interest. I confess that I have been somewhat taken aback at the amount of negative press that Windows 8 has been receiving, … Continue reading

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A Prelate’s Petitio Principii

…Or, a bigot begs the question. John Sentamu explains why he objects to same-sex marriage. It’s a staggering piece, chock-full of circular arguments and some breathtaking disingenuousness. A prime example of the latter is his opening: I will be the … Continue reading

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At Long Last – A Result!

You may recall that I’ve been trying for some time to get Microsoft to correct some false data that they’ve been holding on me. My Microsoft account for their online stores (the Zune/Xbox Live/Windows Phone service account) states that I live … Continue reading

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OK, So I’m Old…

Scott Hanselman has a post about computer icons that refer to dead technology. Depressingly, I found that I knew all of them firsthand. In my defense, I claim that books are not a dead technology.

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The makers of Machinarium have come up with a new game: Botanicula. I have a fondness for Adventure Games, and I quite liked Machinarium, although all the point-and-clicking did get a bit tedious at times. With Botanicula, although it’s also … Continue reading

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Designing an Online Ordering System

…or: how not to do it. If you’ve ever worked in computing, as I have, then this story should cause chills to run up your spine. If it doesn’t, then, trust me, you’re in the wrong job.

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Garden Visitor

We had a visitor at the bird feeder yesterday. It was a female Great Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopus major) making the most of the last remaining scraps of food. While we often see (or hear) a pair of Green Woodpeckers in … Continue reading

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