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Another Data Point

Following on from the experience I mentioned in Eroding Liberties, Jenni Russell relates a similar depressing incident that occurred to her on arrival in Heathrow. Is this sort of thing becoming more prevalent? Jenni may be the canary in the … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life

Dr. Crippen describes a day at his surgery. It makes me realise just how much thin ice we are all skating on and how much we tend to take for granted. And as for the pushy middle-aged woman patient, I … Continue reading

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Chef Shock

News in the Guardian today that a team of top French chefs were roundly beaten in an international cooking contest. I feel a swell of schadenfreude coming on.

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They’re Baaack!

They are the fourteen hopefuls after a job with Sir Alan Sugar. Yep, last night a new series of the Beeb’s version of The Apprentice came to the haunted fishtank. Well, OK, strictly speaking it’s Sir Alan and his two … Continue reading

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Inside Out and Back To Front

I wish I could write like this. It sends shivers down my spine and raises gooseflesh on my arms.

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Karaoke Cowboy

Singalong with Willie – bouncing ball and all…

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Why Is Ice Slippery?

Apparently, this seemingly simple question doesn’t have easy answers. That’s what I conclude after reading a fascinating article by Kenneth Chang in the New York Times on the subject. I also learned that there are different forms of ice, characterised … Continue reading

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