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Love Your Family

Louis Theroux ventures where most of us would be afraid to go. Say hello to the Phelps.

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A Nasty Piece Of Work

Yes, I know that I claim that my blog is supposed to be a "religious-free zone". But, you have to admit it is difficult when Ratzinger comes out with stuff like this. I can but echo Ophelia – he is … Continue reading

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Damning Evidence

If this is a data point, I would have to say that Americans have lost their capability to think. Please say it isn’t so.

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Worthy of Tufte

There’s a new version of the mammalian family tree that’s just been published, as a result of taking earlier studies and producing a "supertree" from them. Pharyngula has the details, and there’s a most interesting discussion developing in the comments … Continue reading

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A Trifle OTT?

A trifle over the top, was my reaction to the news that a Swiss man living in Thailand has been jailed for 10 years for insulting the country’s king. But it could have been worse – the judge wanted to impose … Continue reading

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Sauce For The Goose…

…Is not always sauce for the gander. I think Ronan Bennett makes a very good point in his article in The Guardian today.

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The New Pope – The Starwars Version

I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about this before, but it’s just been referred to over on the New Humanists’ Blog, so I thought that was excuse enough to put it up again.       It’s by Adam Buxton, and … Continue reading

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