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Pipe Dream

A fun piece of computer animation showing a musical automaton comprised of a Heath Robinson-ish collection of percussion instruments, pipes and lots of well-aimed balls.

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Love Is The Answer

While I doubt that I would agree with Giles Fraser, vicar of Putney, over many aspects of his religion, he has always struck me as a particularly humane and sensible man. That feeling was confirmed when I read his latest … Continue reading

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Great Dishes of Europe

Just stumbled across the Opinionated About Dining  blog, and I see that there’s a photogallery devoted to the Great Dishes of Europe. I’ve not had the pleasure of an acquaintance with any of these dishes, apart from one: the Hen’s … Continue reading

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Dying To Kill

"Dying to Kill" – that phrase graces the cover of the August 2005 issue of Prospect magazine. Given the moral universe in which I live, it’s a phrase that I find supremely unsettling. But clearly, there are those who live … Continue reading

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Ice on Mars

The Mars Express probe has taken magnificent pictures of an ice lake on Mars. The story, and links to other aspects of the mission is here, and the hi-res versions of the images are available from the European Space Agency site … Continue reading

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The Infinite Flickr

Simple, but strangely compelling: The Infinite Flickr

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Bulwer-Lytton Lives!

Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1803 – 1873) contributed to the society of his day as both a politician and an author. However, he is perhaps best known in our time as being an exceedingly bad novelist. The opening of his novel Paul … Continue reading

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