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Web Forms Gone Wild

Mr. Eugenides discovers that the Royal Opera House is rather particular on making sure that you choose the correct title for yourself on their web form.

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Seeing It Again

Do you re-read books, or re-visit places? Some people do, and some don’t. I’m in the former category, as is Eve Garrard. Her essay In Praise Of Again gets to the heart of it for me. I pass the same … Continue reading

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It’s A Different World

When I was growing up, first as a young boy and then as a rather confused and frustrated teenager, it was clear to me that while the female body was sexualised as a matter of course in the society around … Continue reading

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The Hospital’s Ghost

We’re not even out of January, and already the first "Silly Season" story is upon us: a senior manager at Derby’s new City Hospital is calling in an exorcist to rid the hospital of a ghost. Oh deary me (to … Continue reading

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Special Rights

Jesus and Mo demonstrate that they are just as obtuse as many of their followers. If I had a penny for every time I heard this particular argument, I’d be a rich man.

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Carl Zimmer is an excellent writer on science subjects. Here’s a good example: The Flesh of Physics.

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Now You See It…

… and now you don’t. This is a tale about technology, about the little things that don’t quite work and hence irritate me out of all proportion, rhyme or reason. Unless you’re a technology nerd, this probably won’t interest you, … Continue reading

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Waving the Red Flag

There was a rather odd article by Michael Brooks in last Saturday’s Guardian‘s Comment is Free section: Black Holes in the Argument. He constructed a strawman in his very first paragraph and proceeded from there. The whole effect reminded me of … Continue reading

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Should We Respect Religions?

Johann Hari has an excellent article on the worrying developments happening in the UN – a concerted attack on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Go read it.   I’ve mentioned these developments before. As Austin Dacey said at the … Continue reading

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Dykes To Watch Out For

I mentioned Alison Bechdel back in 2006 when I enthused over her autobiography Fun Home. Alison Bechdel has been penning her "Dykes To Watch Out For" comic strip for over 20 years. Now, an anthology featuring strips from all of … Continue reading

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Having just mentioned that a book’s review in today’s Guardian has stirred me to add the book in question to my "to be read" list, I should perhaps counterbalance that with the observation that a positive review is not the … Continue reading

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That’s the title of a new book by Wendy Moore. It’s the true story of a horrendous 18th Century marriage. After reading the review in today’s Guardian, it’s definitely another book that is going on the wish list.

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Windows 7 Beta

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that I’ve downloaded the beta of Microsoft’s upcoming successor to Vista, currently known as Windows 7. Originally, Microsoft’s plan was to limit the download to the first 25 million people who visited the … Continue reading

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26 Views on Obama

Journalist Rex Wockner turned to his address book, and got the views of 26 gay people on how they viewed President Obama. In my opinion, the best, and most succinct, answer was provided by Larry Kramer: "I’m hoping for the … Continue reading

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Great Uncle George’s Will

A whimsical tale of Henrietta, her great-uncle, his cook and Miss Atkins. Oh, and on the importance of having alternatives to fruit-salad.

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A Very Bad Idea

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that I have little time for Geert Wilders. Bluntly put, I loath and detest all he stands for. However, I also think it is a very bad idea for the Dutch court to reverse a … Continue reading

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Running Out of Water

Here’s an excellent multimedia presentation on the issues faced by Las Vegas and its neighbours over the fact that water is a scarce resource. I can’t help but feel that there is not going to be a happy ending to … Continue reading

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Peter and the Wolf

This may not last long online, but even if it disappears, I would still want to buy the DVD of Suzie Templeton’s brilliant take on Peter and the Wolf.

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Compare and Contrast

Along with probably a fair number of other people I watched yesterday’s Inauguration of President Obama. And yes, being an atheist, the mentions of God always make me roll my eyes. However, I understand that such rhetoric speaks to many people. … Continue reading

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I can’t really believe it, but it seems that I turned 60 last Saturday. Of course, there were signs and portents, such as the herd of deer that thundered past my study window on the day – a sight that … Continue reading

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