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Torchwood Again

OK, so I’ve now seen episode 3 of Torchwood. And I’m still not sure whether I like it. The scene at the shooting range, in particular, I found hard to take. I mean, what the F… was going on there? … Continue reading

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It’s an animated film by Run Wrake. It illustrates the importance of karma. It is bizarre. It is worth watching. It is for Chris and Ed.

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The Ant Man

Seed Magazine has a good portrait of E. O. Wilson. It’s worth reading.

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The Power of Art

BBC TV is broadcasting a series called The Power of Art at the moment. It’s been written, and is fronted by, the historian Simon Schama. There have been two episodes so far, the first on Caravaggio and the second on … Continue reading

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The God Conundrum

Sean Carroll takes on Terry Eagleton’s review of Dawkins’ The God Delusion, and holes it below the waterline. An excellent article that shows up Eagleton’s hand-waving for the nonsense it it.

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Searching Spaces

One of the apparent limitations of Windows Live Spaces is the difficulty of tracking down topics that I’ve written about in my blog. You know the sort of thing: I remember writing about the BBC’s series of The Apprentice, but … Continue reading

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A Portrait of Pervasive Pachyderm Dysfunction

Charles Siebert authors a fascinating article in the New York Times about the evidence that elephant society is breaking down. The parallels with our own are uncomfortable.   (hat tip to Apophenia for the link)

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