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Torchwood Again

OK, so I’ve now seen episode 3 of Torchwood. And I’m still not sure whether I like it. The scene at the shooting range, in particular, I found hard to take. I mean, what the F… was going on there? … Continue reading

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It’s an animated film by Run Wrake. It illustrates the importance of karma. It is bizarre. It is worth watching. It is for Chris and Ed.

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The Ant Man

Seed Magazine has a good portrait of E. O. Wilson. It’s worth reading.

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The Power of Art

BBC TV is broadcasting a series called The Power of Art at the moment. It’s been written, and is fronted by, the historian Simon Schama. There have been two episodes so far, the first on Caravaggio and the second on … Continue reading

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The God Conundrum

Sean Carroll takes on Terry Eagleton’s review of Dawkins’ The God Delusion, and holes it below the waterline. An excellent article that shows up Eagleton’s hand-waving for the nonsense it it.

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Searching Spaces

One of the apparent limitations of Windows Live Spaces is the difficulty of tracking down topics that I’ve written about in my blog. You know the sort of thing: I remember writing about the BBC’s series of The Apprentice, but … Continue reading

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A Portrait of Pervasive Pachyderm Dysfunction

Charles Siebert authors a fascinating article in the New York Times about the evidence that elephant society is breaking down. The parallels with our own are uncomfortable.   (hat tip to Apophenia for the link)

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Say My Name…

Coboró visits Ypres, and pens a typically powerful piece about both the futility of war, and its insidious way of breeding future conflicts. Read it.

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Torchwood: Thumbs-up or Thumbs-down?

Well, there’s a spectrum of reactions to Torchwood. Ranging from Nicholas’ positive review to Justin’s burial. While I think that Justin was unnecessarily harsh, I can see what he means. I watched the two opening episodes with a feeling that … Continue reading

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Religion Explained

PZ Myers over at Pharyngula has posted this link to Lewis Black explaining judaeo-christianity. Dunno who this bloke Lewis Black is, but he hits the nail on the head a number of times for me…

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The Blind Watchmaker

And sticking with the theme of 1980s TV, here’s a link that will lead you to a TV special from that time starring a younger Richard Dawkins, talking about the Blind Watchmaker… Terrific stuff!   And I can’t help but … Continue reading

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Max Headroom

Thanks to Alun, over at Archaeoastronomy, I’ve just seen the backstory to the 1980s TV character known as Max Headroom. The pilot episode actually holds up pretty well, even today.

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Plus Ça Change…

Tim Adams has an interesting article in today’s Observer about Second Life – the online virtual world where a million people have gone to escape from their real lives – and ended up doing exactly the same things as people … Continue reading

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Lipstick on the Pig

Steven Poole, over at Unspeak, draws our attention to some of the wilder shores of Dubya’s rhetoric. As if we needed to be reminded that there is a buffoon in the White House.

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The Power Of Divs

Stewart Lee has a good video exploring the inanity of religion-driven prejudice. What’s wrong with blasphemy? Absolutely nothing, Stewart. But where’s the rest of your polemic? I’d like to see it…   Update: oh, here are the various parts, chopped … Continue reading

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I’m Not A Victim

While this is something that’s playing out in America’s backyard, and hence something that I probably shouldn’t comment on directly… still, I thought this response from Michael J. Fox to the vomit known as Rush Limbaugh was worth noting.

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Whose Brain Is Missing?

While it doesn’t come as a complete surprise to me that Cheney doesn’t believe that waterboarding is not torture, and is a technique that is a "no-brainer" to use, I still have to draw a breath at the fact that … Continue reading

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Before And After…

Last month, I mentioned that work had begun on the new kitchen. While there are still a few finishing touches to be done, the bulk of the work is over, and we have a new working kitchen that both of … Continue reading

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Time Lapse Art Revisited

You may recall I blogged about the strangely haunting video of Noah Kalina – the man who has been taking a picture of himself every day, and then making the series into a video.   It was only a matter … Continue reading

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Comet Swan

There’s a new comet in the night skies. Comet Swan. I’m hoping for a clear night in order to try and glimpse it. It looks as though it will be passing between the constellations of Boötes and Hercules at the … Continue reading

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