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Windows Live Photo Gallery Revisited

Last month I mentioned that I was trying out the latest release of Windows Live Photo Gallery, and that I’d run into a couple of bugs. Subsequent to that, I’ve been in communication with the WLPG team trying to sort … Continue reading

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Wakeup Call

Today I noticed a number of blogs referring to Wassup 2008. I had no idea what on earth they meant until I watched the original advert followed by the current version here. Simply brilliant. An American version of Grosz.

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Taking Pride in Ignorance – Part II

Following hot on the heels of Tracy – here’s Sarah Palin demonstrating once again that she hasn’t a clue, and is proud of it. Scary stuff.

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X-Rays and Brazilians

Dangers lurk in the most surprising areas. Perhaps a razor would be safer. I simply recall the outings to the shoe-shop and the xray machine in the corner…

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One of the current crop of web sites that gives me guilty pleasure is Not Always Right – a web site devoted to the dark side of customer service. Very often, I find myself shuddering at how people treat people. … Continue reading

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The Atheist Bus

So Ariane Sherine had an idea to put an advertising slogan onto London buses. A slogan that I could well stand behind: "There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life"   Simple enough, worthy enough, and almost … Continue reading

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Taking Pride in Ignorance

Be afraid, be very afraid…    

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