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Seeing the Future

I was pulled up short today by the caption under the photo in this Guardian piece: “Xeno, an interactive monster with pullout snot, farting capability and 40 different expressions”. God, that will be me in not more than 20 years… … Continue reading

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British Bureaucracy Strikes Again

A few days after I wrote about my brush with British Bureaucracy, it’s happened again. This time it’s with the UK’s Passport Office. My UK passport is due for renewal. The last time I did this, I just trotted along … Continue reading

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On the Wrong Side of the Track – Both Sides!

We live in the so-called Achterhoek region of the Netherlands – the name literally means “back corner”. It’s predominantly farmland and countryside, and tourism is, after farming, the major industry. Many Dutch people living in the densely populated Randstad come … Continue reading

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More Visitors

Following on from the shots of a Coal Tit taken the other day, here’s a couple of a Tree Sparrow…  

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British Bureaucracy At Its Finest

The UK’s National Savings and Investments organisation – those lovely people who run the Premium Bonds – have finally woken up to the fact that it is now the 21st Century. For years, they would only do electronic transfers of … Continue reading

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A Cataclysm Down Memory Lane…

Back in the early 1980s, I got to know William Clark, who was almost a father figure to my partner at the time. We would be frequent weekend visitors at William’s country retreat, a converted mill in the Oxfordshire village … Continue reading

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Trying to Nail It

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece on the newly-announced Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft: For the Want of a Nail. In summary, while I thought that the device was impressive, it seemed to me to miss a few … Continue reading

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