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Last Night of the Proms 2019

So, it’s over for another year – we will have to wait until the 17th July 2020 for the next season of the BBC Proms to start. Meanwhile, I’ll remember the Last Night of the Proms for 2019 (last night…) … Continue reading

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Wise Words and Sad Leaves

Raoni Metuktire, chief of the indigenous Brazilian Kayapó people, has a few words of advice for us. Unfortunately, I doubt that we will listen.

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Homage to Humanity

While I was in Deventer at the book market, I popped into Deventer’s largest bookshop to check out the new book by photographer Jimmy Nelson: Homage to Humanity. I already have a copy of his previous book Before They Pass … Continue reading

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Mierenneuken writ large

The Dutch have an expression: mierenneuken. Literally, it means “ant-fucking” (the Dutch are nothing if not straightforward).  The English translate this as “nitpicking”, that is, the practice of meticulously searching for minor, even trivial errors in detail. And now, the … Continue reading

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An Offensive Clown in a Polka-dot Dress

I’ve never had time for Ann Widdicombe. Her callousness and stupidity have been self-evident for years. Now she has re-invented herself as an MEP. And she’s still spouting stupidity. She and Farage make a pretty pair. They are in Brussels … Continue reading

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

So Facebook wants us all to use their new cryptocurrency Libra? I loathe and detest Facebook enough already without this being thrust upon us. As Kenan Malik writes: Libra cryptocurrency won’t set us free, it will further enslave us to … Continue reading

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The Bigger Picture

Jonathan Cook discusses the the assault by Mark Field on a climate change activist this week, and points out the bigger picture. He states that we are in danger of getting sidetracked. Worth reading.

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