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Pride Badges

The LGBTQ+ Pride season is upon us. Today was the London Pride march, with 30,000 marchers. The Guardian also had a story about a treasure trove of LGBTQ+ badges being found in an attic. That reminded me that I must … Continue reading

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Jaron Lanier and Social Media

An interview of Jaron Lanier, and why he thinks that Facebook and its ilk are bad for us both as individuals and as society. He’s absolutely right, of course, but the damage has probably already been done. The one false … Continue reading

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The Sermon

So, today there was a wedding, a Royal Wedding. And while I wish Harry and Meghan to live happily ever after; I remain a republican. This Royal Wedding was unlike any I have previously seen. Today, I witnessed the sermon … Continue reading

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The Internet Apologizes…

… that’s the title of a sobering article on what has gone wrong with the internet. Well worth reading. The apology is necessary, but it’s too damn late – the damage is done. I’m not sure how it will ever … Continue reading

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Dance or Die

A documentary about Ahmad Joudeh. Watch it

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You Are the Product

That’s the title of an article about Facebook by John Lanchester. Published back in August 2017, it is eerily prescient about the shit that has now hit Facebook’s fan. It’s a long article, but definitely worth a read. As Lanchester … Continue reading

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A Stranger in a Strange Land

Joris Luyendijk is a Dutchman who has been living in Britain for the last six years, writing articles for the Guardian. He is a writer, journalist and anthropologist, specialising in Arab and Islamic countries. He’s recently written an article in … Continue reading

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