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All animals are equal…

But clearly, some are still more equal than others… A walk from the Westerbork Nazi transit camp to Groningen as part of the “Night of the Refugee” fundraising activities has been cancelled after the organisers faced death threats and intimidation. … Continue reading

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“A Special Place In Hell”

Donald Tusk hits the nail on the head. The Nigel Farages, Jacob Rees-Moggs and Boris Johnsons of this world deserve nothing less. It is they who have betrayed the British people, not the EU.

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“A Terrible Failure of Common Sense”

In recent years, the UK Home Office has increasingly seemed to be driven by checklists, rather than any understanding of the people they are dealing with. Here’s just the latest example in a very long list: a man, 90 years … Continue reading

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Half and Half

Someone asked me last night how long I had been living here in the Netherlands, and I replied: “35 years”. “So, for half your life?” he asked. And up until that moment I had not thought about it, but he’s … Continue reading

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Nine Lessons of Brexit

Ivan Rogers, the former UK ambassador to the EU, delivered a speech this week on the nine lessons of Brexit. The full 10,000+ words transcript is here, but if you prefer a précis, then this will do nicely. The basic … Continue reading

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Selfie Deaths

Selfie deaths – a report. But I disagree strongly with the conclusion. It would only serve to affect the number of Darwin Award winners in a negative fashion.

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Here was a Plague

That’s the title of an excellent article by Tom Crewe in the London Review of Books about the history of the Aids crisis. It seems so long ago now, and I count myself amongst the lucky survivors, but we lost … Continue reading

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