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Floating and Voting

Tomorrow, the 15th March, we in the Netherlands go to the polls to vote for our political candidate of choice. Note that I didn’t say “to vote for our next government” – with 27 political parties to choose from on … Continue reading

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“A cruel, stupid and bigoted act”

…and I’m sure we’re only at the beginning of Trump’s nightmare presidency. The Guardian editorial on Trump’s anti-Muslim orders nails it. The words in the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal famously read: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses … Continue reading

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Even the Heavens Wept…

I see Trump has begun as he means to go on. His first speech as President was, as Gary Younge says: as crude and unapologetic an appeal to nationalism as one might expect from a man incapable of rising to … Continue reading

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Responsible Leadership

A sobering article on responsible leadership in the age of populism. Worth reading. An extract: The way today’s leaders increasingly rely on referenda, petitions and social media to legitimize their action suggests the emergence of a worrying trend of delegation … Continue reading

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As I’ve written before, Adam Curtis makes amazing documentaries. Tomorrow sees the release of his latest work: HyperNormalisation. Unfortunately, it only seems to be available on the BBC iPlayer – which is geofenced to viewers in the UK. I hope … Continue reading

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The Photo

In November 1990 LIFE magazine published a photograph of a young man named David Kirby. I remember the photo very well. It still moves me to tears, and evokes memories of friends who went far too soon. Here’s the story … Continue reading

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The Tale Of Herman and José

We moved here to our house in the Achterhoek in the Netherlands ten years ago. Our closest neighbours, a field away were a dairy farmer and his wife. In January 2007, the farmer sold his farm to Herman Bongen and … Continue reading

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