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The Burton Repertory Company

I got around to seeing Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride tonight – and thought it was brilliant. In these days of CGI, it is wonderful to see how good stop motion animation can be, when it is carried out at the … Continue reading

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Don’t Lose Your Head

I’m somewhat disappointed to learn that the female praying mantis does not always bite off the head of her mate during the sex act. Apparently, it’s much more likely to happen in the laboratory, where the sights and sounds (of … Continue reading

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Clarifying the Big Bang

The Angry Astronomer (Jon Voisey) has a useful post over at his blog that addresses some of the misconceptions that people have about the Big Bang. For example, despite the name, it was not an explosion – it was an … Continue reading

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Microsoft Live Labs has some news about their Photosynth project. It will be shown at Siggraph next week. Meanwhile there are a couple of videos on their web site. An Overview and a Demo – this latter video is the … Continue reading

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The Forbidden Corner

My brother is just back from a trip to Yorkshire and recommends a visit to The Forbidden Corner in Middleham. Apparently it’s a series of architectural follies created in a four-acre garden by a Colin Armstrong who was once the … Continue reading

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The Silly Season Has Begun

Margot has discovered that the Silly Season has begun in the media. Sometimes I wonder whether it ever went away…

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A Hairy Tale of Soy Sauce

The Museum of Hoaxes adds some more background to the true tale of Soy Sauce made from human hair.   I’m intrigued to see that the original paper (published in the online Internet Journal of Toxicology) is by Alexander Tse-Yan … Continue reading

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