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The Sense of Smell

I’m often struck by how evocative our sense of smell is. Today, for example, I was taking the dog out for his lunchtime walk through our local woods. While July this year was marked by a heatwave, this August has … Continue reading

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Only Connect

Houtlust has a link to an interesting Ad campaign in Germany. Martin worked with mentally handicapped children and adults for years. He knew how to behave with them. I did my best, but I think I tried too hard at … Continue reading

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Who Am I?

You Are Scooter Brainy and knowledgable, you are the perfect sidekick.You’re always willing to lend a helping hand.In any big event or party, you’re the one who keeps things going."15 seconds to showtime!" The Muppet Personality Test

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A Wake-Up Call

Being a simple Britisher, I don’t know who Keith Olbermann is. But I doff my cap to him. This coruscating comment on Donald Rumsfeld and all he stands for is simply stunning. I’m glad to see that some Americans, at … Continue reading

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Modern Jazz

I’m sorry, but modern jazz leaves me absolutely cold. When I listen to it, I just hear noise, and when I see film or video of modern jazz musicians, my overriding impression is how smug they like to appear – … Continue reading

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The Remake

I don’t get a good feeling about this. The low-key matter-of-factness of the original was what made it even more powerful, in my opinion. Why is it that most things that Hollywood touches turn to dross in their hands? Ah, … Continue reading

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The Flat Decider

Sometimes, the best ideas are also the simplest. But then again, as the General points out, when it comes to Dubya, many people won’t even notice the difference.

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