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NS Newspeak

The NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) is the Dutch national passenger rail company. I have an annual subscription that entitles me to 40% discount on train fares, and up to six days free travel (keuzedagen) on the entire Dutch rail network. These … Continue reading

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There and Back Again

We went away at Easter. The impetus for the weekend away was the fact that a good friend of ours was celebrating his 80th birthday in Brighton, and we thought, why not celebrate with him? We put the dogs into … Continue reading

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MH17 & Dutch Pragmatism

It’s shocking news about the loss of flight MH17. All the more so because 298 civilians appear to have been killed in a conflict that has nothing whatsoever to do with them. And all because some trigger-happy Ukrainian rebels, armed … Continue reading

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Postcards From Spain

We’re just back from a week in sunny Sitges. We were first there 25 years ago, and stayed in the amazing Hotel Romantica. This time, we hired an apartment from SitgesHolidayAccommodation (thanks, Brian and Ryan!), and were equally at home. … Continue reading

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Through The Looking Glass

Sometimes I feel like Alice – I’m in a looking-glass world where black is portrayed as white, good is bad, or up is down. It’s at times like these when I’m likely to throw a Victor Meldrew fit at the … Continue reading

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Hoist By Their Own Petard

A rather ironic little story in the Dutch news today… TomTom, the Dutch SatNav company collects information from its devices installed in cars. This information gives an insight into the driving habits of the motorists using the TomTom devices. TomTom … Continue reading

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Managing Expectations

Another thought-provoking post from Jan Chipchase – this time from Cairo. It’s about managing expectations in foreign situations, and being aware. Reminds me of the time I went on a business trip for Shell to Cartegena in Columbia and being … Continue reading

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