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Whaddya Mean, It Doesn’t Walk?

If, like me, you always had a secret desire to have your very own Robby the Robot (the real star of Forbidden Planet), then the Hammacher and Schlemmer catalogue has just the thing for you. It’s a handmade, accurate, and … Continue reading

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In Praise of Panto

The British tradition of Pantomime has evolved from its roots in the 16th century. There’s a paen of praise to Panto penned by Simon Callow in today’s Guardian – well worth reading.   He mentions in passing the production of … Continue reading

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The Christmas Letter

Yesterday, I sat down to pen that most dreaded of all missives (apart from perhaps a tax demand) – the annual Christmas letter. This species of letter is much maligned – with some commentators, Simon Hoggart in particular,  mining its … Continue reading

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It’s a Big Ad

OK, sometimes, I admit, marketing can be creative. This cross between Orff and Peter Jackson is very, very good.   (hat tip to Tom at Idiolect)

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Following along the lines of SETI @ Home and ClimatePrediction.Net, there is now a grid computing project that is aimed at helping to design new anti-HIV drugs: FIGHTAIDS @ HOME. Grid computing makes use of the idle time of your … Continue reading

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Signs of Life

Signs and signage are an inevitable part of life. From the humble "keep off the grass" to rococo variants that confuse more than they inform. Of course, there are web sites devoted to some of the more bizarre specimens that … Continue reading

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Good News, Bad News

I like sushi, but my chopstick skills leave much to be desired. So the good news is that Decor Craft Inc. have brought out Clothespin Chopsticks – the perfect thing for klutzes like me.   The bad news is the … Continue reading

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