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A Marxist Demolition of “Strictly Come Dancing”

Alexi Sayle is a comedian with Marxist leanings. I like him a lot. The BBC is currently into the twelfth series of its hit show Strictly Come Dancing, which is a dance competition that pairs celebrities with professional dancing partners. … Continue reading

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A Piece of Wet String

One of the less attractive things about living in the Dutch countryside is that the internet is usually delivered via the old copper cables used by the telephone companies. In the far distant days of using dialup modems (that is, … Continue reading

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Ursula Le Guin

The woman who has fired my imagination for more than forty-five years has received the US National Book Foundation’s Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. In her acceptance speech she reaffirmed her power. A wonderful author and great human.

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“Technology standardization is commercial diplomacy”

Paul Ford has a very good article in the New Yorker on the cut and thrust involved in the making of standards, in particular, the making of Web Standards.  My post’s title is a direct quote from Stephen Walli, who … Continue reading

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Celebrating Hetty

One of the pleasant things about living in the Dutch countryside is that we get to participate in traditions that are non-existent or being eclipsed in cities. One such tradition is Noaberschap (neighbourliness). Martin and I are the Noaste Noabers … Continue reading

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Build 9879 Of Windows 10 Has Removed “Smart Files”

Microsoft has just released a new interim build of their forthcoming Windows 10 operating system: build 9879, and blogged about the changes here. I notice that Gabe Aul (leader of the Data & Fundamentals Team in the Operating Systems Group) … Continue reading

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What Did The Diva Say To The UN Secretary-General?

I know, it sounds almost like an old joke, but I thought something quite interesting happened a few days ago. Scene: The UN International Centre in Vienna Dramatis personæ: The Secretary-General of the United Nations: Ban Ki-Moon, and the Diva: … Continue reading

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