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Boys and Their Toys

Chris Clarke, over at Creek Running North writes about a fairly depressing example of boys and their toys – in this case 4×4 owners churning up nature just because they can. I see the same sort of thing in the … Continue reading

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The Riddle of Consciousness

Here’s a terrific article on self-awareness by V. S. Ramachandran. I might quibble with his opening sentence (the riddle of consciousness is very far from being "one of the last remaining problems in science"), and Dr. Vaughan Bell wonders about … Continue reading

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Wolves and Humans

Jean Kazez has an interesting post up at the Talking Philosophy blog, where she writes about two books covering the subject of what it is to be human. The more interesting of the two seems to be Mark Rowlands’ The … Continue reading

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Dark Sky Parks

I see that Scotland is preparing to host Europe’s first ‘dark sky park’. It’s near to where my brother lives, so that I’m pleased that he will be able to enjoy it. Around here, even though we are in what … Continue reading

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Cutting Your Cloth…

…to fit a false argument. Oh dear, I seem to be very negative today, what with pointing out Madeleine Bunting’s tripe, and now I feel impelled to do the same for Andrew Brown. Well, it’s not as if he doesn’t … Continue reading

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Darwin and the ‘New Atheists’

While I’m mentioning Darwin, I might as well draw your attention to another piece by ‘Our Maddy of the Sorrows’. This time Madeleine Bunting is urging us not to let the great man be hijacked by “New Atheists” – whatever … Continue reading

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Darwin’s Dangerous Idea

We’re just under a year away from the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” and a couple of months away from the bicentenary of his birth. As part of the celebrations, New Scientist … Continue reading

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