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The Land of the Free?

Well, not if you happen to be a transsexual, it would appear. A friend of ours has emailed me news of what has just happened in Largo, in Florida, where she lives. The City Manager, Steve Stanton, has been removed … Continue reading

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Sometimes, words evoke quite a different image from what is intended…    

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Reflections on a Mote of Dust

Carl Sagan wrote Reflections on a Mote of Dust in 1996. His words remain as true today as they were then. Icecorescientist has set the words to images and music…       (hat tip to the Bad Astronomer for … Continue reading

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Hell On Earth

Hilzoy, over at Obsidian Wings, draws our attention to the situation in Northern Uganda. Heartrending.

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Another Two Data Points

Data point one.   Data point two.   An open and shut case – ineffably sad and a terrible waste of human potential of all concerned.

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Windows Home Server Hiccups

Amongst other things, I’m currently testing the beta software of Microsoft’s Windows Home Server. Along with about 10,000 other people, apparently. It is only the second beta, so one should expect bugs; and in that I’ve not been disappointed. I’ve … Continue reading

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Be Rational – Read “Irrationality”

Another book for the library, I think.

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Alice B. Sheldon

Oooh – I see that there’s a new biography of the science fiction author James Tiptree Jr. – who turned out to be, in real life, not a man at all, but Alice B. Sheldon. She was a fascinating woman, … Continue reading

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Bowling With The Buurt

We went bowling with the neighbourhood (the buurt) last night. Organised by three of our neighbours, about forty of us descended on the bowling alley in the local village. It was a great evening, but it only served to confirm … Continue reading

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Nature’s Wonders

The March of the Librarians.

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Fun With Computers

I have a definite love/hate relationship with computers. My working life was centred around them, and inevitably at parties I was asked advice on PCs. But they usually put me in mind of the poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: There … Continue reading

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Voices From Nigeria

That’s the title of a new report from the IGLHRC (International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission). It documents some of the stories of LGBT Nigerians who are attempting to speak out against proposals for a new law prohibiting same-sex … Continue reading

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The Prayer

An extraordinary video – and I think that the song could grow on me as well.       (hat tip to Obscene Desserts)

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The Smell of Old Books

Here’s something quite bizarre – a perfume called "In The Library". It smells, well, like old books. While I love musty old bookshops, I don’t think I’d really like to smell like one…

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Who Do You Think You Are?

My brother has been trying to piece together our family history for some time now. He started long before it became fashionable. Unfortunately, the trail back through time peters out fairly quickly – the curse of having common family names, … Continue reading

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A Science Project

This, I feel sure, is a science project that I will not be attempting. The thought of the hacksaw at the end is enough to put me off.   (hat tip to Pharyngula)

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Windows Home Server

I mentioned the forthcoming Windows Home Server product last month. It’s currently in beta test, and Microsoft have recently widened the scope of testing. There have been over 25,000 people asking to participate in the test. Last Saturday, yours truly received an email … Continue reading

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Still Missing

I see that Jim Gray is still missing. I’m afraid I fear the worst, although it seems that his family has not yet given up hope.

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Clearing Up

After the storm on the 18th January, we had a number of trees that were blown down, and some more that were left in a perilous state. Last week, the lumberjacks came to deal with them…         … Continue reading

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Carnaval 2007

Carnaval is Dutch for Carnival. In the Catholic areas of The Netherlands, Carnaval is celebrated with great gusto. See the Wikipedia article for more background. Yesterday we went with friends to the little town of ‘s-Heerenberg to see the carnival … Continue reading

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