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A Plug for a Plug – Again

A couple of years back, I wrote about Min-Kyu Choi’s brilliant idea for a folding plug. I see that the design is now more than a concept, and is now an actual product. It’s a pity that the idea has … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want to be Born Again

Next week, Microsoft are promising to deliver the Consumer Preview of Windows 8. I will certainly download and install it, and I expect, for the most part, to like what I see. I’ve been following, with interest, the Building Windows … Continue reading

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A False Sense of Security

A while back, I was a frequent visitor to the Microsoft support forum for Windows Live Photo Gallery. There was a particularly bad bug in WLPG that I was bitten by, back in November 2010. Since that was fixed, I’ve … Continue reading

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Apotemnophilia And Phantom Limbs

V. S. Ramachandran is a neurologist, and someone whom I can listen to for hours. He is fascinated by, and fascinating about, all aspects of the human mind – particularly the more unusual manifestations of behaviour. He’s probably best known … Continue reading

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The Sins of the Fathers

Richard Dawkins writes about the phone calls he received recently from journalist Adam Lusher, who began the first call somewhat as follows: “We’ve been researching the history of the Dawkins family, and have discovered that your ancestors owned slaves in … Continue reading

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The Past Is Another Country…

Thanks to a reference from another ex-Shell person, I came across this short film, made in 1963, about Shell Centre in London. It’s quite an extraordinary social document in a way, chock-full of unconscious sexism. But on the other hand, … Continue reading

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Secularism and Tolerance

The recent pronouncements on “militant” secularisation by Baroness Warsi have triggered a flurry of comments, both pro- and anti- in the media. I found this piece by Julian Baggini came close to summarising my own thoughts on the matter. But … Continue reading

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WHS 2011 and Metadata

Last June, I wrote about the fact that Windows Home Server 2011 was overwriting the metadata contained in media files. In August, Microsoft finally acknowledged the issue. Yesterday, Microsoft issued the second Update Rollup for WHS 2011. It contains a … Continue reading

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Hamza Kashgari

It is one of life’s ironies that at a time when Baroness Warsi frets about the rise of “militant secularisation”, she is ignoring the very real danger of militant religion. Just one example: Hamza Kashgari is under threat of execution … Continue reading

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“Militant Secularisation”?

I see that Baroness Warsi believes that Christianity in the UK is under threat from “militant secularisation” and worries “that at its core and in its instincts it is deeply intolerant”. Music to the ears of the Pope, it would … Continue reading

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Swings and Roundabouts

Almost two years ago, I wrote a blog post describing what I used to build my Home Theatre PC (HTPC). I’ve been pretty happy with the result. Over the course of that time, I’ve added a Solid State Drive (SSD) … Continue reading

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Out On The Ice

A few minutes walk from our house is a field that gets turned into an ice rink during the Winter when it’s cold enough. Temperatures this past week have been sufficiently low enough that the flooded field has become the … Continue reading

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