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Rise Like a Phoenix…

Well, of course, as soon as I read of the controversy surrounding Conchita Wurst, I couldn’t help but cheer her on in the Eurovision Song Festival. A drag queen, with a beard? It brings back fond memories of the Sisters … Continue reading

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The UN Goes Bollywood

The UN Human Rights Office has made the first ever Bollywood music video for gay rights as part of their Free & Equal initiative:   With my Indian ancestry, I thought it rather charming and sweet…

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Music and Windows Phone

Back in the days of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft’s Zune application was used to copy or synchronise media (music, photos, videos and podcasts) between your PC’s media libraries and your Windows Phone. When I had a Nokia Lumia 800 (which … Continue reading

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Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent

Back in 1959, when I was ten years old, I went to our local cinema and saw Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. I was utterly mesmerised by it. Two things gripped me, and never let me go: the look of the … Continue reading

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Xbox Music App – Metadata Madness

I’m doing the old one-step-forwards-two-steps-back shuffle with Microsoft again. This time it’s the latest version of the Xbox Music App that is raising my frustration levels. Windows 8.1 has arrived with a new version of the Xbox Music App (version … Continue reading

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“Play to” and Windows 8.1

Back in the distant days of 2009, Microsoft introduced a feature called “Play to” into its new operating system, Windows 7. Play to, so Microsoft claimed: makes it easy to stream music, video, and photos from your computer to other … Continue reading

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Music In The Cathedral

The ISS is one of science’s cathedrals. Scientists can also be musicians. Space Oddity has always been one of my favourite songs. Commander Chris Hadfield brings it all together. The special effects were all provided by nature. Wonderful.

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