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The Sign of the Glass Tumbler

Jesus and Mo ponder the puzzle of why many Christians do not condone assisted dying.

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This Isn’t A Pub Anymore!

Yesterday’s Jesus and Mo is a humorous allegory on a current topic. Cardinal Keith O’Brien is credited as the scriptwriter.

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Dedicated Comic

I see that yesterday’s Jesus and Mo is dedicated to Rhys Morgan, Jessica Ahlquist, One Law for All, and Salman Rushdie. Quite right, too.

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Dinner Table Talk

Mo seems to have captured the false logic expressed by Baroness Warsi to a tee. As Ophelia points out, Anthony Andrews has also demolished the Baroness’s claims quite effectively: She wants to give greater voice to religion in the political … Continue reading

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Rare Exports

I know I’ve blogged about this short film before, but I really think it is a little gem for Christmastime. The makers have now come up with a full-length feature film on the same theme, but I can’t help feeling … Continue reading

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The Wine Cellar

A rather clever illusion. Simple, but the timing has to be just right… (hat tip to anaglyph on Richard Wiseman’s blog)

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René is Missing

Jan Chipchase photographs a “missing” notice taped to a lamppost in New York. While it might be genuine, I suspect it’s more likely to be a viral Ad campaign for the tiresome René Lacoste brand of clothing…

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