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Litmus Test

Reading the reactions to Danny Boyle’s Olympic Opening Ceremony is something of a litmus test, gauging where the commentator resides on the spectrum from left to right, or from heartfelt to disingenuous. I have to say that I loved it, … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Waited

So I was otherwise engaged last weekend when the latest episode of Doctor Who aired. I had travelled to Northern Ireland to say a final goodbye to my dearest friend. That’s another story, and I don’t feel ready to tell … Continue reading

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iPod Illusions

Marco Tempest is, on this evidence, a very good magician indeed.   (hat tip to Richard Wiseman)

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Almost Time

The next series of Doctor Who launches this weekend with what, by all accounts is a seriously good episode. Still, with Steven Moffat at the helm, I expect nothing less. I’ll be parked on the sofa, instead of almost behind … Continue reading

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“Up-to-the-minute 17th Century Technology”

I blogged a couple of weeks ago about the theatrical magic of Frankenstein. I regret that I haven’t made the effort to see earlier broadcasts of NT Live. And one production that I hope will be broadcast for NT Live … Continue reading

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The Dream Machine

I’ve always had a soft spot for Adventure games, ever since the original Myst. I much prefer this genre of game over the first-person shooter type, which, frankly, I find appalling. After Myst, and its various sequels, there were a … Continue reading

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Royal Wedding

BBC TV is running a series of dramas under the theme of "Back to the 80s" at the moment. Last night, we had Abi Morgan’s Royal Wedding, a play set in a Welsh village on the day of Charles and … Continue reading

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