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The End is Nigh

Six years ago, along with 10,000 other people, I started testing the beta of the first version of Windows Home Server. When it was formally released in November 2007, I bought the software and built my first home server. I … Continue reading

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The Hidden Talents of Giraffes

I never knew that giraffes could do this. They must have remarkably strong teeth.

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The End

So, she’s dead. She certainly changed our world, but, personally speaking, I’m not convinced she improved it. For me, Elvis Costello’s song: Shipbuilding is the perfect summary of that time. Craig Murray, while he personally found her quite likeable, sums … Continue reading

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A Fool, A Liar, or a Thief?

Lucy Mangan poses the question about Ian Duncan Smith. It’s a valid question. I propose the answer is that he is at least two out of the three, and that he isn’t a fool. Unfortunately, he’s far from the only … Continue reading

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Just Tying Threads Together

The news that Roger Ebert has died has brought out instances of what he meant to many people. Including the shout-out from Nina Paley, who thanks Ebert for his review of her film. Sita Sings the Blues is wonderful. Roger … Continue reading

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More Bad News

Following on from the news that Iain Banks is not long for this world, comes the news that Roger Ebert has now departed it. I admit that I was only an occasional reader of Ebert’s film reviews, but I always … Continue reading

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The Grand Reopening

I’ve always enjoyed visiting the Rijksmuseum, the grand old lady of Amsterdam’s many museums. However, she’s been closed since 2003 for a refurbishment that was supposed to have been completed in 2006. Here we are in 2013, and she’s about … Continue reading

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