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The Challenger

Last night, BBC Two showed “The Challenger” – a film dramatisation of the public inquiry (the Rogers Commission) that investigated the causes of the catastrophic accident that befell the space shuttle Challenger. The film has the title Feynman and the … Continue reading

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There Is No God

Just a reminder of what some people are going through because they say that: There is no god except Allah; Mohammed is his messenger.

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Great British Innovations

Via Gia Milinovich’s blog, I came across the Great British Innovations web site, which is asking members of the public to vote for their top past and future scientific innovations. The results will be announced on the 25th March 2013. … Continue reading

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The Sign of the Glass Tumbler

Jesus and Mo ponder the puzzle of why many Christians do not condone assisted dying.

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Aerial Ballet

I was out working in the garden today, when I became aware of bird cries that were unfamiliar. Looking up, I saw a flock of Cranes (Grus grus) lazily circling above the house. The flock of 38 birds continued circling … Continue reading

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Keeping Tradition Alive

In this part of the Netherlands (the Achterhoek), there’s a tradition that when a new building is constructed, and the highest point is reached, then the neighbours will erect a Meiboom (a Maypole) alongside the building. Here’s a translation of … Continue reading

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