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When All Else Fails…

…change the cable. A few days ago, my Nokia Lumia 800 phone suddenly refused to connect to my PC for synchronising. I’d plug it in, but nothing would happen – Windows would not react to the connection, the Zune software … Continue reading

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Intricate Processes of Fantastic Horror

In the novel, The Midwich Cuckoos, by John Wyndham, one of the characters, Gordon Zellaby, says: “I wonder if a sillier and more ignorant catachresis than “Mother Nature” was ever perpetuated? It  is because nature is ruthless, hideous, and cruel … Continue reading

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The Perseids

The Perseid meteor swarm reached its annual maximum at around 14:00 yesterday afternoon (local time) on the 12th August. That meant that for the past couple of nights (and hopefully tonight) the chances of seeing a meteor streak across the … Continue reading

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Fun and Games With WHS 2011

Despite some quirks and shortcomings, my Windows Home Server system has been quietly backing itself up onto a pair of hard drives that I rotate to an off-site location. But four days ago, the server backups started failing. The error … Continue reading

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Curiosity Rover and Usain Bolt

Yesterday, a man ran 100 metres in 9.63 seconds. This morning, a robot laboratory successfully landed on Mars and will begin its search for evidence that life may also have existed on a neighbouring planet. Of these two stories, it’s … Continue reading

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The Amish – Lovely People…

So, the BBC had yet another documentary about the Amish last night. Following on from the programmes about the Stoltzfus families, the BBC gave us a programme about David and Miriam Lapp and their adorable children. And, just as with … Continue reading

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“So, How Much Trouble Are We In?”

The opening quote, from the lovely Rory, in the trailer for the BBC’s next season of… Doctor Who! Ooh! I can’t wait! And was that a baby weeping angel doing a riff on the definitive moment from Pitch Black? Damn, … Continue reading

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