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The makers of Machinarium have come up with a new game: Botanicula. I have a fondness for Adventure Games, and I quite liked Machinarium, although all the point-and-clicking did get a bit tedious at times. With Botanicula, although it’s also … Continue reading

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Designing an Online Ordering System

…or: how not to do it. If you’ve ever worked in computing, as I have, then this story should cause chills to run up your spine. If it doesn’t, then, trust me, you’re in the wrong job.

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Garden Visitor

We had a visitor at the bird feeder yesterday. It was a female Great Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopus major) making the most of the last remaining scraps of food. While we often see (or hear) a pair of Green Woodpeckers in … Continue reading

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