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The Pitfalls of Design

I see that the Windows Live team has done another blog post on their efforts to redesign SkyDrive. While I appreciate their posts for documenting some of their approaches to design, I sometimes feel that their (often bland) statements can … Continue reading

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We Were Here

A tip of the hat to Alistair Appleton over at Do Bhuddists Watch Telly for his post on the Documentary We Were Here by David Weissman. The film tells the history of the early 1980s when the AIDS epidemic grew … Continue reading

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A Short Tale of Two Alans

Today’s Guardian has a short tale (less than a page) in the My Hero series. It’s by Alan Garner and reveals a connection between him and Alan Turing. Worth reading.

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The Lady With An Ermine

The UK’s National Gallery has just opened a major exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci’s works. It’s a blockbuster, completely sold out, and the buzz has also reached the Netherlands, with articles in the Dutch press and items in the media. … Continue reading

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Hardhearted Holland

The Dutch media is currently full of the case of Mauro Manuel, a refugee who arrived here from Angola when he was nine years old. Now that he is 18, the Dutch Government want to deport him back to Angola. … Continue reading

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