Torchwood – Miracle Day

Well, I’ve been watching the new series of Torchwood for the last three weeks, and I still can’t make up my mind about it. While it seems to be getting good reviews Stateside, I’m not convinced that all the American money that has been pumped into it has actually improved things. The production values are extremely glossy, and the storyline is intriguing, but it all feels as though everything’s been turned up to such a pitch that something has been lost. Sometimes, less is more.

Take last night, for example. There was a scene between Oswald Danes and Captain Jack, which drew a connection between the motivations of both men who have each brought about the death of a child. Danes gloried in the fact while Jack has an almost unbearable sense of guilt. It was a powerful scene, with good writing and acting, but I wished that they could have got rid of the music that kept thumping away. In trying to build tension, the music actually destroyed the horror and power of the scene for me.

Still, there are some good things in it. There are good ideas in it, starting with the deceptively simple theme of “no one dies” and building out from there. And the writers have clearly had some fun with the exchanges between the characters – last week’s comic relief of the air steward insisting that he wasn’t gay, or last night’s cutting remark from Rex telling Jack to act his age, when of course there’s another level of irony there that Rex is currently unaware of. Serious moments, too, as when Jack desperately wants reassurance from Gwen that their partnership means something, but while she initially gives him that, she is soon distracted by the sight of her husband and baby, and leaves Jack talking into his phone by himself, unaware that the connection has been lost.

I’m not entirely convinced by all the new characters introduced in this series. Most still feel one-dimensional to me. But I do particularly like the character of Jilly Kitzinger, played by Lauren Ambrose. With her flaming red hair, bright red lipstick and red clothes, I wonder who – or what – Kitzinger is. The devil in disguise, probably.

Update: I see that the Guardian has raised the question of whether this series of Torchwood is any good or not.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s a patch on Children of Earth. But then, that was an unexpected treasure, given the rather hit and miss results of the earlier series of Torchwood.

I’ve stopped watching Miracle Day. I really can’t be bothered. Mind you, I still think that Lauren Ambrose was mesmerising.

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I'm a British citizen, although I have lived and worked in the Netherlands since 1983. I came here on a three year assignment, but fell in love with the country, and one Dutchman in particular, and so have stayed here ever since. On the 13th December 2006 I also became a Dutch citizen.
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  1. technogran1 says:

    I agree Geoff, in fact I don’t like it as much as the first one. I wasn’t aware that they had pumped money into it, but it is too much about America and also has far too much influence from them. We make far better dramas etc over here than America does and ‘americanising’ something spoils it in my opinion.

    • Geoff Coupe says:

      Yup, TG, I don’t think it’s “our” Torchwood any more. It’s been seduced Stateside 🙂

    • Paul says:

      I think it’s awfull now. Theyve ruined it. Where’s the “Above The Law”, Beyond The Government, the Tec.
      It’s become like every other lame American. Gun Ho drama. The story lines are too long and to complicated.
      Sorry but it’s become rubbish.
      It clashes with the new Big Brother…BB wil win in our house as we dont have Sky or cable.

    • I absolutely agree! I am an American and I prefer British drama (and comedy) over American. I had been a Torchwood fan since Season 1. When they announced they were bringing it to American I had reservations. I am so disappointed, I feel they have ruined Torchwood. I keep trying to find some semblance of the original show and other than having Captain Jack and Gwen, it’s just not there.

    • Leo Andres says:

      If you didn’t like Miracle Day, PLEASE write the BBC and let them know!

  2. Dalek Caan says:

    The Torchwood I know… Fast paced, sexy tech, good action.
    Today’s Torchwood… Tons of sub-plots you don’t care about, Horrible, I’m an angry CIA man acting, Yawn, wake me up when it’s over, storyline.

  3. Susie Fuller says:

    I think it’s awful – boring, no action, and nothing like the wonderful Torchwood that BBC Wales produced- probably on a 10th of the budget! It’s unnecessarily sexually explicit – and so American – the BBC have sold quality for money! I’m surprised they want their name attached to it.

    • Geoff Coupe says:

      Well, to be fair, Susie, Torchwood has always been positioned as adult entertainment, rather than for families with young children, so I don’t view it as “unnecessarily” sexually explicit – I view it as to be expected. And to be honest, I thought the “safe sex” message of last week’s episode was a nice touch…

      • I thought Jack was supposed to be omni-sexual but recently it’s only about the men. I suspect John Barrowman has had that written into his contract ;). I’m enjoying aspects about this series but I agree overall the American gloss distracts and takes away from the proceedings, which is a shame.

  4. Brian Angell says:

    The last time I was this much disappointed was when they replaced Sean Connery with Roger Moore. Bond character became almost comical. The same thing is happening to the Torchwood team. Gwen chatting with her husband on a mobile while reconnecting server wiring in what was supposed to be a tense dramatic moment! And what of the constant mobile use? Americans don’t have satellites and voice recognition software to instantly recognize them and than pinpoint their location? And the music is so distracting – I wish it was on a separate track so that it can be turned off. I am not watching the remaining episodes.

  5. Liam Woods says:

    I miss the Torchwood headquarters and when it wasn’t so complicated with a 10 episode story!

  6. Gremlin says:

    There is so much to not like (unfortunately), especially when the all of the past stories and episodes have been so good. I have found myself saying after every episode, “what actually happened?”. I was very amused by the recent comedy series ‘Episodes’, which was a great AmeriBrit production (though I have no idea how it was received in the US), however I can’t help but think that what was offered up as comedic farce in Episodes has come to destroy what was a truly great sci-fi series. For me though the absolute worst thing about it is the background music. It’s cheesy, cliche and very often unnecessary not to mention extremely distracting. I don’t need a lame piece of pacey ‘spy style’ limp rock music to reassure me that it’s a chase scene, that was given away by the huge helicopter following the jeep at considerable speed.

    • Stephen says:

      I thought I was the only one who had spotted the parallel of life imitating art, with the premise of “Episodes” and what happened to the integrity of an idea once the American production machine mascerated and homogenised it. Too slow (too many episodes), too many fingers in the pie!
      Anyone watching should be able to process more than 1 or 2 minor plot developments an episode.
      How come Gwen can get into and out of an ultra-secure hi-tech server room with a complete server on the other side of the Atlantic without getting caught, but can’t get her Dad out a poorly staffed “hospital” camp just down the road in Wales?
      Give me answers or I’ll be re-classifying Torchwood as Category 1 (Pass the red peg please).

  7. Wiseguy says:

    Spoiler kind of !

    Its got something to do with the name!
    “DEAD is DEAD”
    “PhiCORPS” – everyone, everywhere for a long time ?!

  8. Sharon Hall says:

    New story enlivend Torchwood, how could they have carried it on? Original ended but, two members remained. So what if it is in America, the cradle of conspirisy theorys, don,t anyone get it?
    Mad, sureal best place in America. I think it’s gripping, I can’t workout what is going to happen next, government experiments, (after all we are all living longer death is further away for all of us). This is an extreme version of what could happen. Hell,I have to work til I’m 65yrs and 9 months, by todays standards I could live till I’m 120yrs old, with all the diseases et al then what? Young people won’t have jobs because the older generation are still in them. Strain on jobs market, in fact no jobs for all Uni Grads as oldys are still working! So you tunneled visioned thinkers look at the wider picture, What if!!! Our world wide economys are stressed, pensions are always in the news, iif my generation lives to 100 yrs old and work till they are 70 yrs old how is the world economy going to work then. Agecide so jobs can be released for 2 generations who themselves will have longevity. Ffood shortages, housing shortages good greif it goes on.

  9. K TuT says:

    This Americanised version is dreadful, used to love Torchwood, but it is now unwatchable.

  10. Steve says:

    We are finding it getting boring to watch – this is not Torchwood. We are even starting to talk over the show and even contemplating turning over.

    This has been a bad mistake and will kill off Torchwood. May be getting good reviews but viewing figures are crap – not even a third of BBC figures.

    Mr Davies has gone over to the darkside.

  11. Alan says:

    I used to love Torchwood when produced in wales but this seems to be a very drawn-out saga about nothing really. And why on earth did we have to watch Jack and his sexual exploits with another man? What has that got to do with the plot (if there is one). We all know John Barrowman is gay we don’t need to be shown it as well. Im still struggling to work out what;s going on.

  12. Ron Renton says:

    OK so Torchwood is different…unnecessary homophobic scenes… Americanised and in danger of becoming nothing but a vehicle for John Barrowman.
    I too hope it goes back to the darker earlier format where you had different adventures every week (or two) and a close interesting team of characters.
    But the thought of everything happening around Cardiff used to be very silly too.
    However, I still find the new series intriguing, the scene of being the living dead inside a squashed car was almost X-Files.
    Let’s hope it continues to expand into something more…

    Oh one thing I noticed was that the music in episode 4 was very rousing and I thought I’d heard it somewhere before, however, I waited to see if there was mention of where it came from.
    The end titles said the score was written by Gold… Yet I found the music on the album Verve 3 Remixed…. The shows music sounded in parts like an orchestrated version of Sarah Vaughans FEVER remixed by Adam Freeland 2005.
    The Remix was also used recently in the The Adjustment Bureau.

  13. FEDUP says:

    I agree… the old torchwood before this “Miracle Day” were good plots and interesting. Jack is depicted as falling into one problem after another as though he’s stupid. We have enough USA scfi programs if we want that style. I was looking forward to this but after the plane episode what a load of rubbish. Bring back the old torchwood, stop Americanising and thinking of the big buck!!!!!!!!!!

  14. FEDUP says:

    Last point. The Doctor would have solved this in two episodes Tops!!!!!!

    • Stephen says:

      That’s my wifes opinion too.
      She’s got to the point where she’s only watching because she wants the answers.
      Maybe the FF through iPlayer/TiVo option mentioned by Asterion is the way to go since it’s 50 minutes of un-sophisticated padding followed by a dash of reveal 😦

    • Victoria says:

      That’s great. I love your point! It’s so true. I’m so excited that Dr Who is back on next week!

  15. Elizabeth says:

    As Americans, both Dr Who and Torchwood fans, my husband and I are disgusted by what they have done to this series. We so enjoyed the first to iterations and although we hated the end of “Children of Earth”, we still loved Torchwood. This is yet another sad example of how American producers are too lazy to create (or keep i.e. firefly) a truly unique and riveting syfy drama that has the bones of Torchwood. The constant “reminders” of Americanizms are insulting and degrading, “Agent Rex” is an idiot any weval could have delt with, Gwen’s character is torn and being robbed of her strengths while Captian Jack has been turned into a whimpering fool. Really?! NONE of that works. Oh, and for the record, the CIA has NO agents. That’s the FBI. The CIA has officers. Even the most basic things weren’t researched, but they felt the need to explain, “chips vs crisps”.

  16. BGRAY says:

    Agggh car crash telly at its worst, get to the end already,! Please, cos I don’t think I can take any more. No no no no and I just realised there are six more episodes. I used to love Torchwood, but oh dear I am afraid that I am no longer a fan

  17. martin says:

    Used to love torchwood – especially children of our time (although like the post above – i didn’t like the ending), but has the writer(s) changed because this new serious falls seriously short of the others in my honest opinion, without wanting to sound too harsh, it is probably one of the worst series of anything I have ever watched in my life, very little happens in each episode, it is annoying to watch, casting isn’t great, the plot goes off at a tangent so frequently & I could go on ….. please sort it out if there is another series.

  18. Horrified in Australia says:

    The latest episode of torchwood has left me feeling disgusted, did we need that, i hate to think whats coming, america, leave these series alone, whoever wrote this, i hope i never see any of your work again.

  19. Boring US characters. BBC give us our show back !!! says:

    Must say the latest series is a major disappointment. Far too Americanised to be watchable. All the US characters are bland and spew out the most awful predictable dialog. The US characters are also too dumb to be Torchwood! Bring back our Welsh based version! We want it back BBC !!!

  20. Tont says:

    Everyone seems to be missing the point that the BBC dropped the series because of poor viewing figures, and no other UK company picked it up, so what you see is what you get, my take on it is an entirely new series with a nod to old legacies, and you know what?, it ain’t half bad!

  21. Andycole says:

    I think that this series is actually good and we have our new torchwood team here i would like to see rex,ester and doctor warez with jack and gwen back in cardiff in a new hub as a team in another series i would like a few more series and to be honest this series might seem different in lay out but its still torchwood and its delivering in ny opinion. Yet another great series which keeps you discussing for hours after and hopefully they will make a few more series after this.

  22. Andycole says:

    Maybe bbc will make it right

  23. Arthur Dent says:

    I know that the Torchwood team are good, very good indeed, but I didn’t know that their talents extended to car maintenance – to explain: in the episode in which the team steal a car, Gwen clearly breaks the back window with a brick or stone, but when they are travelling in the car to the warehouse, there is no breeze blowing through to ruffle anyone’s hair. Therefore, the window has been replaced before they set off.

    Now that ‘s good going.

  24. Eileen says:

    In the first series I was really enjoying watching Torchwood super-secret team driving in the car with its name engraved on it, so why I shouldn’t laugh watching Gwen on a phone during the break-out into computer centre? Even more, the network cables coming in and out of the server do not make any technical sense at all, but an exact copy of the computer equipment would make the scene dull. The same is with the plot, too much reality and it will break. I like the story so far, it would be interesting to see if all the lines are followed. And more Captain Jack please.

  25. Paige S says:

    I have every episode of Torchwood on DVD, I’ve watched them all hundreds of times over and I have to say This series is very disappointing. It’s far too ‘American’, Torchwood has always been about Cardiff and surrounding areas. I feel this american input on the show has ruined the great reputation built from all the hard work and efforts put into the first 3 series. Personally I think they should go back to the format of series 1 and 2, with a new case every episode but a continuing story line too. Then again it’s still Torchwood and it’s still worth watching for any fan but I certainly wont be watch this series over as much as the others when it makes DVD… Lets just hope series 5 brings the new team back into more of the Torchwood we have come to love and hopefully becomes less American again, Captain Jack is all the American input we need 😀

  26. Asterion says:

    This seems to be a possibly excellent episode (or two-parter) stretched micron thin over a ridiculous 10 episodes.
    It’s just sooooo slllooooowwwwwww!! Minuscule plot developments are eked out over each relatively uneventful episode. For example, the relatively obvious revelation that the “modules” were furnaces took pretty much all of the last episode.
    I realise that the hard of thinking US audience might lap this up (as from the reviews they evidently do). But for we British license-payers who are used to the old (and MUCH better) Torchwood and Dr Who, could the BBC please edit out all the plodding chaff, and put together a more watchable 2-hour version of the series.
    I’ve now given up on the series (I just find myself shouting “Move the f*** on!” at the screen) but may watch it in fast forward on iPlayer at some point in the future. If the BBC don’t step up to the task, I’m sure someone will put up an edited mash-up of the series on YouTube.
    What a shame… At least we aren’t footing the entire bill for this travesty.

  27. Rachel Dunn says:

    Well I excepted the rather OTT storyline up until they introduced the whole ‘concentration camp’ burning people situation. That is just wrong. Don’t think i’ll be watching anymore episodes, and certainly not if the america’s continue making it. Shame really.

  28. Adrian Harle says:

    Plot is slow and seems to be going nowhere fast. And the violence seems to just want to shock for no reason. It all seems just a waste of time. There is no tongue in cheek humor in it, I won’t be watching anymore.

  29. SEG says:

    I love Torchwood and all that goes with it and this new series was long awaited but I have to say less America and more Britain, we do this so much better. I feel that recently the BBC seem to have lost track of what the licence fee is for (and who pays it) and keep looking State side and dropping homegrown products. Stop meddling with a program that knew its identity and get back on with doing what you do best.

  30. hi guys ive always been a fan of torchwood and also doctor who but there is one question on my mind at minute will they get the doctor in. this is the sort of thing he cant miss.

  31. ex torchwood fan says:

    So yet another American series that has bored me to tears, I am quite intrigued to see what’s causing the miracle, but I’ve got to the point where I just can’t be bothered. It’s just sooooooo sloooooow, we’re learning one fact a week and I’ve got better things to do with higher rewards. RTD should have squashed it into a mini series like Children of Earth and it might have been quite good. But I’m starting to wish he hadn’t bothered at all. I think from now I’ll just read the blogs to find out what happened and do something more constructive with my time on a Thursday evening, then I’ll be spared the music……..Ex Torchwood fan signing out…….

  32. Si Fi is all that matters. says:

    What happened to Science Fiction. This is just another soap opera. 1st episode Establish main plot – no-one dies except Jack, 2nd Ep Establish characters, 3rd Ep Establish each characters Achilles heal, 4th Ep drag plot out – introduce new short term characters and kill a few off, 5th Ep Finalize a few personal issues, 6th Ep use Gwen’s Achilles head to control her (like you didn’t know that was coming) I feel like I’m in ‘Learn to write a Soap 101’. I am so disappointed. There is so little science fiction on tv these days, Torchwood was going to be my highlight of the year (after Doctor Who i.e.) The characters are one dimensional, the plot is too slow to develop and yet more over dramatic moments from Gwen and hubby, There’s no love interest for female viewers. Now that Jack bats for one side only, there’s no reason to watch. Kill off Gwen’s husband and return us to thinking Jack loves Gwen, get rid of the CIA and bring in some out of space characters to join in. Do something or Torchwood will die and I have always enjoyed the Torchwood extension of Dr. Who.

    • Geoff Coupe says:

      “Now that Jack bats for one side only, there’s no reason to watch”.

      Well, I rather think that depends on which side you’re batting… 🙂 Still, I take your point about Torchwood. This series is disappointing in many ways.

  33. Poppy Bennett says:

    After watching ep.5, I dont think I will be tuning in any more either. I have been a fan of Torchwood since it began, but this isnt Torchwood at all, it’s something else. They could have taken out Jack and Gwen, and given it another name instead of ruining a decent British prgramme.

  34. Saskiemom says:

    I am a Canadian fan and I have mixed feelings about Miracle Day. As much as I like Torchwood I feel that they should of stopped after Children of the Earth – the ending felt right to end the series on. Miracle Day just doesn’t fit well with the old Torchwood characters and it is boring with the usual story of government stupidity, big business greed, and revenge for hurting one’s family.

  35. What a load of rubbish this series is. I was so disappointed to find out it was episode 6 of 10. The BBC should be ashamed that they spent UK licence viewers money on a series that is so wooden, lacking a plot and filled with head cringing period where you wonder was it worth wasting 5 minutes of my life watching it

  36. Dave Davenport says:

    BBC, what were you thinking? The Brit-American cooperation has an obvious bias toward the American! 10 drawn out, shallow episodes are beginning to wear on even the hardiest Torchwood fan, and I include myself in that list. Eve Myles’ character (Gwen Cooper) appears to have undergone an overnight transformation into a teenage American ‘actress’ with exaggerated mannerisms and unnecessary volume; so Amercan-esque. Like an earlier reply, I will continue to watch, but only to get the definitive on why it is a ‘Miracle Day’.

  37. People do things in the privacy of their bedrooms – I get that. But I don’t want to see the details, regardless of the genders of those involved. Not in movies, not on TV.
    Torchwood has always been pretty family-friendly, until now. Torchwood has been fun, until now. Torchwood has been one of my favorite shows, until now. Torchwood has not left a bad taste in my mouth — until now.

  38. Scott Page says:

    I like the show overall. And I’d like to watch it with my daughters. Unfortunately, every other episode has a bunch of gay sex in it and I have to pre-screen the show before letting them watch. I have gay friends and have no issues with someones sexual preferences. However, that doesn’t mean I want to watch explicit sex between two guys. Is the studio trying to turn off and alienate the majority of us that are not gay? Can’t they just imply the two characters had a sexual encounter without making us watch the guys humping each other? I’m sure that there is plenty of gay porn around to purchase for those that want to watch it. I’d just like to watch a good sci fi series with my kids without the gay porn.

    • Geoff Coupe says:

      Ah, the “some of my best friends are gay” defense. I note that you are not objecting to the straight sex scenes that are also in the series. What makes them OK?

    • Ka says:

      Torchwood has always been the adult version of Doctor Who, the watershed in Uk is 9pm, so adults can watch more appropiate programmes, i wouldn’t let my 11 year old watch Torchwood.
      Also, Torchwood has always had sex scenes in it, since the beginning.
      They just need to bring back the monsters,etc. & who’s looking after the weevils(i think thats what they were called) that prowled the streets of Cardiff? There was a HQ in Scotland & London, until Cybermen took over, so bring it back to Uk, it’s lost it’s charm now & Jack’s just not dashing anymore. 😦

  39. Remote Control says:

    Hahaha.. all the whiney simpleton comments complaining about Torchwood being TOO COMPLEX! (????) Really, some of you are just using the development of this series to express your rampant anti-american sentiments, aren’t you. If you hadn’t been told that the production was being influenced by US production values, or located in America, or had anything to do with America, you’d probably all be fawning unconditionally over it. I doubt any of your denials will convince anyone one bit. Torchwood is excellent entertainment, and I enjoy watching this series.

    • Geoff Coupe says:

      Strange, I don’t think anyone has complained about this series being too complex… The complaints seem to be mainly about the stretching out of what is basically a simple idea over 10 episodes using one-dimensional characters… That, and the ever-present music soundtrack that tries to increase our emotional reactions and fails miserably. Still, glad that you are enjoying it. Not everyone is.

  40. cashy says:

    well..just watched episode 7, it seems the ‘zombie’ period of the story line has passed.
    This series is so much different to the previous two series, and maybe thats why a lot of people are not liking it so much as previous, but you have to embrace change….even if it’s for a 10 part series.
    I’m not sure all the sexual scenes so far are strictly necessary or indeed add to the storyline, as you dont get this sort of thing in Dr Who do you??

    • phil taylor says:

      I have to agree with all of the unnecessary sexual scenes. Especially from episode 7. Surely a good script write could have come up with something more Si-Fi for the reason to wanting Jack killed off. But to use a whole episode about his affair with another guy in 1927 just does not wash. Bringing in the Daleks as the conspirators from his distant past would have been better than what we had last night. As for that awful music going on all the way through. When they do turn it off there is an ‘at last no music’ cry from our house.

  41. says:

    Torchwood (all of them) Dull dialogue, dull unpersuasive acting and an overt pro Wales pro gay agenda that verges on the defensive and masquerades as existential just because Russell has a default setting for turning the lights down on happy thoughts and believes that this manifestation of sadness makes him and his work product intellectually acceptable – its all drivel (including “Queer as folk”); and the only good “Dr Who” scripts came from elsewhere, especially Moffat. Cheer up Russell and stop trying so hard, mediocre’s OK as long as you’re rich.

  42. Your American Cousin says:

    The reason Miracle Day is bad, isn’t because the show has become “American” or the gay sex scenes. Neither make a television show or movie bad. The reason Miracle Day is bad, is the storytellling is confused, the direction slow and some of the acting ridiculous. American television produces many excellent quality, entertaining shows. And those who argue that sex doesn’t belong in science fiction never saw an episode of Star Trek. Captain Kirk wasn’t know as a “space slut” for nothing. As a huge Torchwood fan, I am so disappointed that the characters we have come to love are totally lost. Jack and Gwen are a shell of what they were – and it leaves me wondering if the current writers have even seen the previous series. Miracle Day doesn’t look like Torchwood, and it doesn’t sound like Torchwood. The most disappointing thing is the ratings are not good, and I’m afraid this might be the end of the show, with no chance for redemption.

  43. phil taylor says:

    I think you have missed my point. It is not the sex scenes that I am against. It is the fact that they could have come up with a far better scenario for the reason for Miracle day revolving around some SI-Fi aspect of Jacks background. After all Torchwood was built on Si-Fi story-lines. With loads of gadgets. There is not one in the series yet.

  44. Andrew says:

    Original Torchwood on BBC2 was excellent, loved story lines and characters.

    Miracle Day is such a let down, the characters and plot are so wooden. This is a sell out to American audience, watched first four, no more.

    BBC shame on you.

    Please Dr Who stay British!!

  45. Reluctant Censor says:

    I agree that the present series has left a significant amount to be desired.
    Saying that it is “adult viewing” is not an acceptable get-out, all television is able to be time-shifted, those of us who work shifts have to do so.
    My son who is now 13 (and was an avid viewer since the first episode of series 1) was embarrased beyond words with Jack’s gay sex scene.
    Not that I have any issue with sex scenes of any sort, just that they should not be so painfully drawn-out. All this scene needed was the two characters involved holding hands and going into the bedroom closing the door behind them.
    Come to think of it, that would suffice for MOST of the “sex” scenes we have foisted upon us.
    Take a look at the viewing figures also. This series has lost over a million viewers since it started.
    It has the lowest audience to date.
    Why? Are the BBC trying to kill it off?
    Please see sense, bring it back home, under British control and production, get some decent wholesome, entertaining story lines
    Until then, it seems that I shall have to regrettably censor the future episodes to ensure that viewing is of a standard that I will permit my children to watch.

    Come on BBC get it back to being a decent home-made series, with jokes and storylines that can be followed without painting the blindingly obvious out. Get rid of the “over-the-top” intrusive “background” music, moderate the language and refer, allude or whatever to sex – but let’s not see naked bodies cavorting around in bed.

    • Geoff Coupe says:

      ‘Saying that it is “adult viewing” is not an acceptable get-out, all television is able to be time-shifted, those of us who work shifts have to do so’.

      I’m sorry, but, hello, time-shifting is an irrelevancy – the point is what are the intended audience demographics for the show – not what time you choose personally to view it. And the fact remains that the audience for Torchwood is a different one from that for Teletubbies, and for that matter, from that of Doctor Who or for The Sarah Jane Adventures.

      Sorry that your 13 year-old son found the gay sex scenes embarrassing. These things happen. When I think back to when I was 13 years old, I would probably have thought the same. But in my case, the embarrassment would have been because I was watching it with my parents, and they didn’t know, or dare to admit, that I was gay.

      And I would have been thinking: “thank god I’m not alone”.

  46. Keith1865 says:

    I was enjoying the series until the last one.
    The open promotion of homosexuality by “Captain Jack” have ruined it for me and my family.
    What was a good and interesting story has been undermined by the writer’s propaganda.
    What a shame that you have had to portray this perverse life style choice as being both normal and valid and using it as the main pillar of this episode.

    • Geoff Coupe says:

      Sigh. All the usual tired homophobic phrases, I see. “Promotion of homosexuality”, “Perverse life style [sic] choice”, “normal and valid”. My sympathies are with your family.

  47. phil taylor says:

    Completely agree with you. Almost everyone I know that loved TW has started to turn it off for two reasons. The unnecessary gratuitous sex scenes, it makes no difference whether Jack was on top of a woman or a bloke. TW is about Si-Fi not gratuitous sex. Someone made reference to Star Trek. Difference was that they were inferences not gratuitous. TW used to be like that with just the odd male – male snog. But that was it. And it was acceptable.
    Gwen has never shown her flesh to all and sundry. If she had I would complain about that too. Because there is no need for it. It adds nothing to the storyline. I still maintain that TW has lost its way in that it is no longer a Si-Fi program. Where are all the gadgets? No wonder over 1million people have switched off. Maybe the BeeB will learn from that. Although I doubt it.

  48. phil taylor says:

    Oh The second reason is that awful backing track that means you cannot hear the speech. Well the American voices anyway as they do not know how to open their mouths when they speak. AT least Jack and Gwen can provide decent diction.

  49. dutchlady says:

    As a new fan of the series but not of the Who universe, I was expecting something a bit more than what was given. I heard of Torchwood and heard of awesome things it detailed, but I literally had to watch the beginning of the series to understand why people would have thought that this was as good as Doctor Who. Going back to the originally team, I found that I loved everything about it and found it hard to connect that series with this new one. Hell, there isn’t an alien until episode seven and that was in a flashback. I agree with many of you that this series is just too long as well. What happened to that show?

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