Windows Home Server 2011 Product Pages

Update 13 January 2012: Well, it’s taken Microsoft over six months to do it, but it looks as though they now have a new set of Product Pages. They are very much simplified (perhaps too much so), but at least the howlers of the previous set are no more.

I’ve been looking through the web pages that Microsoft has put up to market the Windows Home Server 2011 product.

The web pages were originally set up for the first Windows Home Server product, and have now been updated, not always consistently or completely, to reflect the new, 2011, version.

For example, on this page, the “Find your files easily” and “Share photos, music, and videos” links are currently broken:

WHS2011 54

Other pages also have lots of broken links. This one, for example:

WHS2011 55

Update 18 July 2011: Well, it looks as though Microsoft have removed the broken links instead of fixing them. Originally (i.e. on the WHS v1 pages), those links led you to the full-size screenshots of the thumbnails to the left of each link. And the thumbnails themselves had embedded links to do the same thing. Now Microsoft have simply deleted all the links, both in the text and the thumbnails, so there is no way someone reading the product pages can see the full-size screenshots. Instead they have to be satisfied by squinting at the thumbnails. This is supposed to be good marketing?

And then there are pages that still continue to refer to the old version of Windows Home Server. This page, for example, still has screenshots of the WHS version 1, and it refers to the “Console” of WHS v1, instead of the “Dashboard” of WHS 2011:

WHS2011 56

And it’s not the only page to do this. There’s plenty of other examples to be found, including pages that refer to the Drive Extender technology, which has been dropped from WHS 2011.

Microsoft seem to be intent on not only confusing the home user, but also their developer community. On the Windows Home Server Support page, the link given under the Developer resources section leads not to the Windows Home Server MSDN site as it claims, but to a now-obsolete toolkit (it was designed for WHS v1 and will not work on WHS 2011) to install diagnostic software on WHS v1. Diagnostic software, note, not information about how to build software for WHS 2011, which is what developers need to get started with. The link should really go to the SDK (Software Development Toolkit) for WHS 2011.

Finally, I know that I’m a pedant about grammar, so I let out a groan of despair when I read this page:

WHS2011 52

Take a look at the tagline under the link to the official Blog of the Windows Home Server Team:

WHS2011 53

You’re guide…”? Sigh – whatever happened to good education? Or useful and accurate web pages, for that matter?

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