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Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” Bill

The appalling David Bahati is still pushing on with his abhorrent piece of anti-gay legislation in the Ugandan parliament. It would seem that it is now reaching a crucial point. This travesty has been going on since 2009. Perhaps it’s … Continue reading

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A Maze Of Twisty Little Passages

Online Help forums can be a lifeline for people having difficulties with their computers, or other gadgets. Some of these forums are thriving communities in their own right, with thousands of members. When I started thinking about building my first … Continue reading

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All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace

Adam Curtis makes documentaries. But these aren’t just plain documentaries, they are visual poems that contain much food for thought. His latest effort is All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace – to be broadcast on BBC2 on 23rd … Continue reading

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The Writing On The Wall

Further to my entry about the fact that the Dutch Government is thinking of banning the concept of dual nationality here in The Netherlands, I see that the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics is reporting that a majority of the … Continue reading

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Via a post on PZ Myer’s blog, I have discovered the blog of a lesbian in Syria: A Gay Girl in Damascus. She has courage, and a brave father. I hope that they both manage to come through the current … Continue reading

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A Frame of Groans

Some time ago, I wrote about George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy books “A Game Of Thrones” in these terms: In my old age, I’m getting a bit tired of epic fantasy. I was recently recommended A Game of Thrones … Continue reading

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