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Spring Has Arrived

It seems as though Spring has arrived. We’ve been having good weather for the past week, and the daffodils and crocuses are in full bloom. To celebrate, I’ve changed the blog header photo from Winter to Spring. From this: to … Continue reading

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The UK’s National Theatre in London has a new production: Frankenstein. It’s based on Mary Shelley’s book, and sticks more closely to the themes of the original work than Hollywood’s many films (wonderful though some of them are). The NT’s … Continue reading

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Out of the Frying Pan…

A couple of years back, I blogged about a documentary made by Andrew Tait. It was Trouble in Amish Paradise, and followed the lives of two Amish families. Last night, the follow-up documentary, also made by Tait, was shown on … Continue reading

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How Times Change

I see that the Isle of Man will make civil partnerships available to gay couples living there as from next month. This is only five years after civil partnerships were introduced into UK law. I find that surprisingly speedy for … Continue reading

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Twixt Scylla and Charybdis

Johann Hari has another thought-provoking article posted. This time it’s on our addiction to cheap oil. Worth a read.

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Nothing “Pseudo” About It

Following hard on the heels of the murder of Salman Taseer comes the murder of Shabaz Bhatti. I see that the Archbishop of Canterbury is reported as condemning the murder of Bhatti, and quite right too. But I did find … Continue reading

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Did I Miss Something?

Last night, I settled down to watch the opening episode of Professor Brian Cox’s new series on science: Wonders of the Universe. Unfortunately, I was very tired and promptly dozed off. Every few minutes I would almost wake up and … Continue reading

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