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Short Story

Paul Burston, over at his blog, pens an (autobiographical?) short story about a mother and son. In just a page of short sentences and short paragraphs, a whole life is conjured up. That’s talent.

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A Catholic Appeal

Johann Hari addresses an appeal to British Catholics in the run up to the Pope’s visit. I suspect that most will be blinded by hero worship and not see the feet of clay in the red Prada shoes.

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What’s The Point – Part II

Here we go again, more bilge to wade through. This time it’s Jonathan Jones, whom I understand to be an art critic, claiming that in the area of writing about Natural selection: “Give me Darwin over Dawkins any day.“ Well, … Continue reading

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What’s the Point?

I know I shouldn’t get irritated by it. I know that it is pointless to feel exasperated by twaddle. But when Lord (yup, Lord) Sacks starts heaping up strawmen, I really do feel like saying enough is enough, fer gawd’s … Continue reading

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We have two Labradors: Kai, who is now over seven years old, and Watson, who is now 13 months, and heavily into puberty. We became the owners of Kai when he was three, and he was already neutered when we … Continue reading

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Feeling Slightly Dirty

That’s how I’m feeling at the moment, having read, and had a shudder of revulsion at the content of, this piece by Pankaj Mishra in the Guardian. As Ophelia says, it’s ugly stuff. A good rebuttal of Mishra’s tripe is … Continue reading

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The Illusion of Free Will

Over at Why Evolution Is True, Jerry Coyne muses on the concept of Free Will. His musings were prompted by reading Dan Dennett’s book: Freedom Evolves. His post is followed by a discussion by commenters batting the ideas back and … Continue reading

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