Moving Forward

Two news items that seem to reinforce each other.

The first is Jan Chipchase’s presentation on the Ideas Economy. Key point:

Within a few years time, in any part of the world where there is a cellular data connection you’ll be able to point camera phone at someone’s face and know within a reasonable time-frame and level of certainty who they are, their history and their history of interactions. And the same goes for them of you.

And in today’s Observer, a story about the unveiling (hah!) of a hi-tech way for Egyptian women to report sexual harrassment:

HarassMap allows women to instantly report incidents of sexual harassment by sending a text message to a centralised computer.

The future rushes to meet us.

About Geoff Coupe

I'm a British citizen, although I have lived and worked in the Netherlands since 1983. I came here on a three year assignment, but fell in love with the country, and one Dutchman in particular, and so have stayed here ever since. On the 13th December 2006 I also became a Dutch citizen.
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