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Carpe Diem

We had a telephone call last night that underlined the importance of carpe diem – seizing the day and living life while you can. The daughter of a friend of ours rang to give us the news that Maaike had … Continue reading

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A Message That’s Missing A Word

Someone with more time on his hands than sense decided to use a GPS logger to spell out the message “Read Ayn Rand” in letters that cover the whole of the USA. As someone else comments on the story, we … Continue reading

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Murphy’s Law

Last Thursday night was the peak of the annual Perseid meteor shower. The sky was reasonably clear, so I stayed out for about ninety minutes at around midnight. I saw a number of Perseids, but nowhere near the 60 per … Continue reading

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A Day Out

Yesterday I left Martin in charge of the dogs while I travelled to Rotterdam for a day out with a couple of old colleagues. I arrived at midday, and the original plan was to stroll from Central Station down to … Continue reading

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An Unmitigated Disaster?

Apparently, there may be a further beta of Wave 4 of the Windows Live Essentials suite released next week. I’m beginning not to care any more, since Microsoft appear to have damaged the brand with what has already been released. … Continue reading

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Sherlock – A Triumph

After last week’s dog’s dinner, last night’s final episode of Sherlock was a triumph in every way. Razor-sharp writing from Mark Gatiss and terrific performances from the cast. And typical of Gatiss’ audacity to leave us with a cliffhanger ending … Continue reading

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A Monstrous Carbuncle

I see that BBC Four have set aside two hours tonight to transmit a two–part televisual biography of Bruce Chatwin, done by Nicholas Shakespeare. This should be worth watching. Shakespeare wrote what must surely be the definitive biography of Bruce … Continue reading

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