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Martin Gardner

Martin Gardner has died. Whenever I got my hands on a copy of Scientific American as I was growing up, his column Mathematical Games never failed to intrigue (and to make my brain hurt). He sparked interest in science, skepticism … Continue reading

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Olympic Mascots

I see that the mascots for the 2012 Olympics to be held in London have been unveiled. They have the improbable names of Wenlock and Mandeville, and apparently figure in a children’s story specially commissioned for the Olympics and written … Continue reading

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Royal Wedding

BBC TV is running a series of dramas under the theme of "Back to the 80s" at the moment. Last night, we had Abi Morgan’s Royal Wedding, a play set in a Welsh village on the day of Charles and … Continue reading

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Banning the Burqa

A good post from Steve Zara. While I have qualms about why women should choose to wear the burqa, the answer is not to ban it. The answer is to make it as ludicrous as a codpiece, and that must … Continue reading

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The End of an Era

Damn. I’ve just found out that Antony Grey died on April 30th. He was a lifelong campaigner for gay rights – and was one of the major forces for law reform in the UK during the 1960s, leading to the … Continue reading

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Engineers vs Philosophers

Yes, it’s a cheap shot, but true, nonetheless…    

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Is There An Echo In Here?

Is this pure coincidence, or was there something else going on? At the very least, it’s a bit creepy.       Hat tip to Craig Murray.

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