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Getting Colder…

We’re having a cold snap at the moment, and some of the visitors to the garden have noticed the bird feeder…

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The Unconsidered Life

A short video of the philosopher AC Grayling talking about the need for critical thinking, and being a well-informed citizen of the world.    

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I’ve mentioned it before, but here’s another version of Tim Minchin’s wonderful poem "Storm"…    

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Depressed? – Very!

Ben Goldacre has another excellent Bad Science column – this week looking at Climate Science – and the truly depressing vile mixture of denialism and conspiracy theories that’s swirling around it. As Ben says, "the same rhetorical themes [are] re-emerging … Continue reading

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Pretentious? – Moi?

Olympus UK have launched their new PEN camera with a series of video adverts. You can see them here – click on the video tab to choose between them (once you’ve pressed play to activate it).   I have to … Continue reading

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Foreign Influence At Work

Another report in The Observer today about the anti-gay bigotry that is growing in Uganda. The report also makes it clear that Uganda is not the only country in Africa where gay people are proscribed – there are a total … Continue reading

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‘Tis a Puzzlement…

…that in the 21st Century Archbishop Williams can still state, in all seriousness, that he and his followers should not be seen as "oddities". But, y’are, Blanche, y’are – and what are these awful things that I’m supposed to be … Continue reading

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