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O Frabjous Day!

Tony didn’t get the job.

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Network Crash

Martin complained that his mobile phone wasn’t working today. It’s an old Nokia, which has proved flaky in the past, so I thought that we’d probably need to get it replaced. Still, I thought I’d take a look at it … Continue reading

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The Indian Clerk

I’ve just finished reading David Leavitt’s The Indian Clerk (or The IND1AN CLƐRK as the book’s cover would have it). I found it very good indeed. It’s a novel based on real people and real events that happened mainly in … Continue reading

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Dark Skies

I’m feeling a tad jealous of my brother at the moment. He lives in Southwest Scotland, not far from the Galloway Forest Park. And that park has just been designated as the first Dark Sky Park in the UK by … Continue reading

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Test Your Awareness

How observant are you? How many changes can you spot in this vignette?       (hat tip: Richard Wiseman)

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Never A Dull Moment

As I wrote here, we’ve got a new addition to the household: Watson, a Labrador puppy. He arrived in the house on the last day of September. Originally, I wanted to call the puppy Pi, since our other dog is … Continue reading

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Unbuttoning Bennett

A nicely-judged article in today’s Observer about Alan Bennett, whose new play The Habit of Art is currently on at the National Theatre. It’s a play that I’d like to see in person. Perhaps I’ll manage to catch it via … Continue reading

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