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Varsseveld Hippisch Festijn

Last weekend was the annual horse festival held around here: the Varsseveld Hippisch Festijn. It’s a three-day event, but this year, I only had time for going along to view a couple of hours of the cross-country event on Sunday … Continue reading

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Religious Discrimination?

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about this. The thought that there could be 500,000 equally credulous souls walking around gives one pause. I am, however, reassured to learn that Tesco has stated that "Jedis are very welcome to … Continue reading

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A New Definition of the Word “Safer”

Jerry Coyne, over at Evolution is True, shares a heartwarming tale of a botfly larva that took up residence in a woman’s head (complete with video). She had it removed, but he says that it is much safer to let … Continue reading

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The Art Of Penguin Science Fiction

The Art Of Penguin Science Fiction is a terrific web site compiled by James Pardey. The opening page is a collage of a selection of the covers of science fiction books published by Penguin over the years. The web site … Continue reading

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Preparing A Homeopathic Remedy

Crispian Jago demonstrates how to prepare a homeopathic remedy by, literally, taking the piss out of it. Case proved, I would say.

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Dirtying The Reputation Of Islam

Another depressing report in today’s Observer on how Islamists are targeting, attacking, and in some cases, killing Iraqi gays. They seek out their victims via gay chatrooms on the Internet. In the words of one of the attackers, Abu Hamizi: "It … Continue reading

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Predicting the Prediction

While I said that I hadn’t a clue as to how Derren Brown pulled off his "predicting the Lottery" stunt the other day, I’m coming round to the view that it relied on some sort of split screen illusion; like … Continue reading

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