15 Responses to Tagging Digital Photos – Part II

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  7. Gennaro says:

    Thank you for all your interesting blog posts about managing photo libraries and tagging photos.

    I was wondering: how does IDimager automatically add all IPTC location metadata and a structured keyword entry starting from the sublocation you tag?

    Thanks a lot!


    • Geoff Coupe says:

      Gennaro, it’s because of the way that IDimager (and Photo Supreme, the follow-on product from IDimager Inc.) handle tags.

      Both products have Catalogs of labels that you can define. For any label, you can define it in such a way that it is linked to an IPTC keyword. So when you assign a label to an image, the application will automatically write out the corresponding IPTC keyword. Catalog labels can be hierarchical, and these can also be used to automatically write out hierarchical keywords.

      In addition, each label can also be mapped to other IPTC/XMP fields. So, for location data, I have the label mapping set up such that location data is simultaneously written into three places in the image metadata: as Keywords, as legacy IPTC location metadata, and as the new IPTC Extension Location Created metadata.

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  12. Tim Makins says:

    There are plenty of Keywording Tutorials on my http://www.photo-keywords.com/ website including an introduction to the tab-indented list format, error-catching, sorting techniques, explanations of hierarchy, and suggestions for making your own keyword lists. Also lots of free keyword lists, and my own keyword catalog.

    Regards, Tim Makins – pro-travel photographer at http://www.gnomeplanet.com/

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