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Out For A Walk

The annual four-day walking event in this part of the Netherlands began today in Doetinchem. I happened to be passing by part of the route and noticed that some unexpected participants appear to be joining in.  

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They Want Us Exterminated

The BBC News service carries a report today about the situation for gay people in Iraq that makes for sobering reading. The detailed report, from Human Rights Watch, is even more unsettling. Man’s inhumanity to man, writ large, and in … Continue reading

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Only In The Netherlands…

I probably should have a series of posts like this. There are times when I look at things in my adopted country, and think to myself (often with a smattering of pride or alternatively, complete incomprehension): “Only in the Netherlands…” … Continue reading

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A Narrow Escape

I was mowing the lawns today, when suddenly I noticed something in front of the mower. First of all I thought it was a bundle of grass, and was about to carry on. Then I looked more closely and paused… … Continue reading

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Airborne Viruses, Airborne Rabbis

This has to be a joke, doesn’t it? They cannot be serious, surely?

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Varsseveld’s Carnival

The nearest small town to us, Varsseveld, is currently holding its annual four-day carnival. I went along to see the carnival parade last night. Nice atmosphere, with some good floats on show. A tradition in The Netherlands is to decorate … Continue reading

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Families In Straitjackets

There’s a bit of a stir going on in Amsterdam and the Hague at the moment. The reason is that the fifth World Family Congress has just opened at the RAI in Amsterdam for its three-day conference. The Dutch Minister … Continue reading

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