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Pot, Kettle, Black…

A richly ironical story in today’s Guardian about the British Ex-Pats in Spain who are now feeling the crunch: Television shows such as Channel 4’s A Place in the Sun promised adventure, swimming pools and the good life. A collapsing … Continue reading

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Carl Sagan on God

The premature death of Carl Sagan robbed us of a voice worth listening to. However, I recently picked up a copy of one of his books, published from beyond the grave, as it were: The Varieties of Scientific Experience: A … Continue reading

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Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland”

I see that the first trailer for Tim Burton’s forthcoming film "Alice in Wonderland" has surfaced. Despite the condescension dripping from many of the comments here, I want to see how Burton reinvents Alice. We’ve had Disney, we’ve had Miller … Continue reading

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False Witness

I see that the philosopher Alain de Botton has now weighed in with his  review of Karen Armstrong’s The Case For God. What I find so exasperating about people such as de Botton and Armstrong is the way they make … Continue reading

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Showing Off

Paul Morley has a terrific multimedia episode online at the moment. The interviews with Goldie and Sir Peter Maxwell Davies are paydirt in themselves. Marvellous.

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What Kind of Humanist Are You?

Another of those online quizzes to pass the time; this one asks the question: What Kind of Humanist Are You?   Taking the quiz reveals that I’m a Hedonistic Humanist, which is probably pretty accurate; I note that the description ends … Continue reading

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Making Physics Fun

Bill Gates purchased the rights to a series of lectures that Richard Feynman gave in 1964 on the topic of physics. Now these are all available on the internet in Project Tuva. Feymann was a brilliant communicator. As Gates says, … Continue reading

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