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“Vengeance Is Mine”, Saith the Lord

A few weeks ago, I received a chain email from a distant relative. It was about the James Boulger case. As it happens, the email is one of these zombie emails that constantly circulates throughout the internet refusing to die. … Continue reading

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Repairing the Cathedral

From one point of view, this is nothing special – just a video of people doing their job. In this particular case, it’s repairing a telescope. A telescope that happens to be orbiting the earth. The Hubble telescope. Watching this … Continue reading

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RIP, Pleo

I’ve always had a soft spot for robotic simulacra of humans and animals. I went through a period of wondering whether to buy a Sony Aibo, until Sony announced that they were getting out of the robot dog business. The … Continue reading

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Passion or Greed?

The scientific tale of Ida, a 57 million year-old primate fossil, is amazing enough, but what I found almost as striking was the light it also casts on the human passion for ownership. The tale of how the fossil passed … Continue reading

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Nightingales in the Orchard

A wonderful article by Mary Warnock about self identity and ageing. Go and read it.

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Five Minutes With Richard Dawkins

A surprisingly good interview with Dawkins, considering the limited time available. I am envious of his bookshelves, and I’m sure I would be envious of the books were I to be able to examine them.

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Why Am I Not Surprised?

As expected, Russian police broke up today’s pro-gay demonstration in Moscow with excessive force. And I also note without surprise that Graham Norton and Andrew Lloyd-Webber are quoted as saying that they "knew little about" the tough line being taken by … Continue reading

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